Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's Been Entirely Way Too Long

I'm now 12 weeks pregnant. I'm working two jobs. I'm doing new line at Gymboree twice a month and I work full time as a lead associate at Dollar General. Daniel is still unemployed. It's getting very frustrating but we're making it work. Bob quit his job so he isn't paying child support anymore either. I guess his girlfriend makes enough money for him to mooch off her. Oh well, he'll do her just like he did Renee and myself. He wanted the boys for Thanksgiving and Patrick told him No, he didn't want to go. We decided not to force the issue. I'm working on Thanksgiving, but we're going to Daniel's parents' after I get off and we're spending Friday with them as well.

Patrick is doing well, he's 4 now. We had a firetruck birthday party. We even took him to the firehouse, but he was scared of the horn and siren. Mason is doing well too. He has a great vocabulary now and he talks non stop, just like his brother.

Other than that there really isn't much going on. I work all the time. I still play darts when I manage to get a Thursday night off. Our last game of the season is December 2nd. We're around mid range for point standings.