Monday, November 29, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • From 7:00 to 9:30 Monday night was the looooongest 2 and a half hours ever!!!!
  • The boys and I survived our first night alone (well so far, I AM writing this on Monday night lol)
  • I actually don't have a lot on my mind for once, now had I written this earlier tonight it would have been one hot mess
  • Welcome to all my new readers from the Monday Making Friends Blog Hop!!!! I hope you enjoy what you read here and I'll be checking out all your blogs as well.
  • I should be in bed, in fact I went to bed at 10, but I got woke up by my phone telling me someone commented on my facebook so I had to check it out and then I got to talking to Lindsey and so I decided to update the blog while I did all that.
  • Why don't I turn my phone off or put it on silent? Because I get my wake up texts in the morning and I would not be happy if I missed one of those. It's been a long time since I've gotten one and now that I am getting them again I don't want to miss one. It's a perfect start to my day!!!!!
  • It's going to be a long week...

I Rock!!!!

I am 99% sure I got the job at Gymboree today!!!!!!! She told me she's going to check my references and then she'll call me to fill out new hire paper work and as long as I have them back to her by the end of the week I'll be able to start next week!!!!!

It's only part time, but something is better than nothing. My hours will depend on how good I am. She said anywhere from 8 to 20 hours a week.

I am so excited!!!!!!!

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Need Some Good Luck

Remember when we would be on the message boards TTC and we'd say "sending bucket loads of baby dust" and then when we got pregnant it would change to "sending bucket loads of sticky baby dust"...

Well now I need bucket loads of get the job at Gymbo dust!!!! My interview is in 5 1/2 hours. I got the best wake up text ever this morning and I've already walked the dog, swept the floor, did the dishes, and cleaned up the bathroom. I am nervous because this is the job I really want. It's the one I've been waiting for.

Today is going to be an exceptionally long day. I have to have the boys out to my mom's at 11, back to Arlington for my interview, pick Bob up, HOPEFULLY get to Irving to pick Oscar up by 2. Then to the airport for Bob and Oscar by 2:45. Back home for a little "down time" before picking the boys up.

The last time I had both boys all night without help, Mason was just a few months old. Now that they are both getting into stuff I think I'm going to have my hands full. *sigh* So maybe some "survive the next two nights without Bob so you know you can handle the boys on your own when he goes to Brownsville" dust would come in handy too.

I'll update when I get back from my interview!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday!! Sunday!! Sunday!!

Today will be a day full of unpacking, cleaning, and driving. I also need to meet up with my mom when she gets to town so I can pick up all the stuff I left in Abilene (like my interview pants, and our sheets). Maybe after we drop Lindsey off tonight I'll try to fit some crafting in since I haven't done anything since going to Abilene. I think it's about time I make a new bow. Lindsey wants a new one, and my hair is getting long enough that I could wear one too.

My complaint for the day: Remember that HUGE bow making package I won on Halloween? Yeah, I still haven't gotten it. I sent her my new address so hopefully she sends it out soon.

Update on Hot for the Holidays weight loss challenge...
I don't have a scale at the moment so I don't know what the weight looks like, but I DO know that I haven't been following a meal plan at all. Hopefully now that I will be doing all the shopping and cooking I can get back to eating better.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today Was a Better Day Than Yesterday

Lindsey (the stepdaughter, not the BFF) and I went to Cowboys Stadium to watch Cooper play Denton Guyer. We couldn't really see Alysa because she was in the middle of the girls and they wouldn't let us sit right behind them like normal. We ended up leaving at Half Time because Cooper was losing 24-0. They ended up losing the game, so their playoff time has come to an end.

I'm slowly figuring out where everything is in Arlington. Luckily I have friends here that can help me when I get lost :p. For those that know what happened yesterday, we're all doing fine, and I don't have any news about what will come of it in the future. I'll be sure to update you all when I find out. I imagine we'll be getting a phone call soon.

The feel good moment of the day was when I went to buy Bob cigarettes, I got carded, but didn't have my ID with me because during the commotion yesterday I had to take it out of my wallet and I guess I stuffed it in the diaper bag. The guy at the gas station said ID please, I informed him I didn't have it but I gave him my birthdate, he said do you swear to God you're 27? I said I swear, he said okay since you're so beautiful I'll believe you. :)

The random moment of the day happened when Lindsey and I were leaving the apartment to head to the game, random dude in random truck waves at us as we're driving out, okay no big deal, but then when we get to the intersection another random dude in a random truck waves at us. Then driving down the freeway and ANOTHER random dude honks and waves.

Okay, and second random of the day JUST happened. The landline rings, I answer it and this chick goes "helllllooooooooo" um hi "who is this" nobody, who is this? "somebody, who is this?" ummm I have children that are sleeping maybe you shouldn't call random people "okay, bye have a good night" WTF?????

The bad part of the day is the fact that my tooth is killing me, I am in so much pain I am near tears. I feel like the whole left side of my face is swollen. I hope it goes away before Monday because I'd rather not interview with a swollen face and being in pain. Speaking of my interview I am so stoked and I really hope I get this job since I don't have any other leads at the moment. If not, I hope my mom and Matt will keep the boys next week one day so I can put more applications in.

Tomorrow we are taking Lindsey home, and Bob flies out to Omaha Monday after my interview. He'll be back on Wednesday and is taking vacation Thursday and Friday. He leaves for Brownsville on Saturday. I am scared about taking care of the boys by myself. Hopefully I am strong enough to do this. It's going to be pretty lonely at night after they go to bed, I think that's when it will all hit me. *sigh* I think I need to hear it from someone else, that i am strong enough to do it by myself and that the boys and I will be fine. It will be about three weeks before we get to see Bob again.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Randoms

  • Today was BEYOND stressful. It definitely did not go as planned.
  • I appreciate each and every friend and family member that text or called to check on me and the kids. You all helped me from losing my composure.
  • I left all my hang up clothes in Abilene..UGH Luckily my mom and Matt are bringing them to me on Sunday.
  • Today I am rocking Playboy Bunny socks!!!!
  • We're lucky the beer smells fruity or today may have taken a different turn...
  • Speaking of fruity beer, I may very well drink it all tonight...pretty sure I earned it after today
  • How far can we get on half a tank of gas and two bottles of wine??? :p :p :p BEST ANSWER EVER!!!!
  • My finger hurts... I cut it open yesterday and now it burns and is red... :(
  • The apartment is a freaking mess...I have no desire to unpack right now
  • Interview at Gymbo on Monday!!!!!!!!!!
  • I can't freaking wait until Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Finally Here!!!!


Time to leave Abilene, and head back to the Metroplex. Gotta admit that I didn't think this day would ever come. Originally we were planning on February or March for moving day, but I am so glad we're able to do this sooner. Now hopefully we can get all our stuff in one trip. My brother is taking the stroller for us and that was our biggest item. The boys will ride with me and Lindsey will ride with Bob. My mom is taking some of our stuff too so hopefully we can do this. Mr. Ty Ty will ride in the truck with Bob too, I bet he's going to miss his play buddy, Sugar.

Tomorrow we might go to Cowboys' Stadium to watch Alysa cheer. Both Abilene Cooper and Abilene High are playing there. $12 and you get in to see both games, but really I only want to go to see Alysa. After the legal troubles Cooper's football team got into at the Lubbock game last week, they will probably lose. Can't play well with 3 of your starters off the team. Ha

Speaking of Abilene's football teams, did any of you watch World of Jenks on Monday? It featured one of Abilene High's players. We watched it, and it was pretty cool that Abilene was featured.

Alright, now that I went off topic, back to talking about moving. We'll be living in Arlington now!!! I am excited because I can go back to having playdates and see my friends again. Bob will be there until Monday then he has to go to "K" Culture School in Omaha, he'll be back Wednesday and is taking vacation on Thursday and Friday. He'll leave Saturday to go back down to the Valley. We won't see him again until he gets off for Christmas.

Friday randoms will be posted later so check back. A special thank you to my readers who vote for us on Picket Fence Blogs.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving dinner was perfect...

We had a deep fried turkey, a roasted turkey, a ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, pickles, fiesta salad, cornbread salad, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, deviled eggs, brussels, and gravy.

Later we have banana pudding, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cake, and key lime pie

Pics to come soon

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving Edition

Today I am thankful for...
  • My children. I love you Kayla, Patrick, and Mason (and Michael, Casey, and Lindsey) and my "daughter" Alysa
  • My husband, thank you for working as hard as you do and for putting up with the shit you do to make sure the boys and I are taken care of
  • My mom and Matt for everything they've done for us this past week
  • The one person who can always make me smile no matter what. You know who you are, but I don't think you realize just how much you mean to me. Thank you for always being there to listen to me bitch, thank you for showing me I can be myself, thank you for still liking me even when I'm goofy. I feel like I can just relax with you and have fun. Even if when we're 100s of miles apart I feel like we're right next to each other. Thank you for being YOU!!!! Thank you for new music tastes, Those songs have helped me more than you know. Thank you for new reading tastes, thank you for...just THANK YOU!!!!
  • My family, I love you all, even though you're all a bunch of nuts HA!!!!
  • My friends, there are so many of you and I thank you for so many things, you all know who you are.
  • My blog readers, even though I know there are some people out there reading my blog I don't care I am even thankful for you.

update to wordless Wednesday


I love my mommy

I got a new phone today!!!! Thanks to Gaga (my mom) and Quack Quack (Matt). You guys are beyond awesome!!!!!!

3 days without texting was pure torture. I am glad I have a phone and double glad I have a decent phone.

Lots of good stuff happened today, and once again that ever lasting smile is back on my face.


Wordless Wednesday...


*I'll be back later to share a picture of what he looks like today.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts Part 3

  • Tonight's socks of choice are the pink and black zebra ones
  • I finally washed my car
  • I got new air fresheners too so now instead of smelling like pickles my car smells like pina coladas (better huh?)
  • No new spots on Mason today, the old ones are starting to dry up and aren't as inflamed as they were yesterday
  • He still screams when I change his diaper, but those ones will go away soon too.
  • I want cookies and milk, I hope to get some soon

Tuesday Thoughts part 2

  • I am so tired of watching the same shows at the same time every single day.
  • I'm thinking when Mason wakes up the boys and I will get out of the house again. Nana, Mom, and Matt left so the boys and I are stuck here with (or not)
  • Mason's fever broke!!!! and no fever or blisters on Patrick so far. He does have a pretty bad cough and a runny nose though.
  • I seriously need to wash my car. It's been like three weeks
  • Mason said "thank you" today, plan as day, we all heard it. It was too freaking cute
  • I found socks with ninjas on them... :) should I buy them??? lol
  • I can't wait to see Katie, Austin, and Lindsey (the stepdaughter) and meet Natalie and Jacob tomorrow. And the husband too of course.
  • I'm scared out of my mind about raising the boys on my own 90% of the time. I know I can do it, but the thought scares me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday Thougts

  • I love my new socks <3
  • Monday night's happenings were good therapy (laughter is the best medicine)
  • I still can't find the socks I really want...
  • I should go to Spencer's on Wednesday and buy that shirt...
  • I changed my idea for my tattoo...I'll share the new idea as soon as I get it worked up
  • It's freaking hot in this house
  • I totally rocked my new socks (the black ones with the neon stripes), black and red basket ball shorts, and my Astros shirt to the store on Sunday...HOTTTTTTT
  • I am sooo ready for Friday
  • I see my page views went way up again today...FUNNNNN
  • I get to see my brother and seester on Wednesday (and their other halves)
  • Striping Alysa's hair on Wednesday too
  • Everyfreakingbody is sick... Mason of course, Patrick has a runny nose and cough, Philip has strep, and nana has a sore throat. And of course there's flat matt...
  • Tonight I have on my black and white striped socks these ones are MY favorite... ;)
  • can I talk about socks anymore???Do you want me to talk about socks anymore???
  • I HATE that my phone isn't working right and I hate that it's nobody's fault but my own
  • I guess I am going to bed...
As always more Tuesday thoughts to follow when it's actually Tuesday.

Monday Madness

For now this will be our new Monday blog. A place for me to voice all the crazy stuff going on in life this week.

We still don't know what's going on with Mason. I know the spots are starting to itch because he's grabbing at them (fun when doing a diaper change lol) and screaming. Plus if you just lightly rub him where the spots are he becomes jello just completely relaxed.

My phone isn't working right. I dropped in the toilet on Saturday and now it won't receive text messages. I can send them, and I can get online, and check my email, but I don't get texts until long after they've been sent. Usually after I check my email I'll get a bunch of old texts then my phone will work for three text messages and quit again. I haven't tried to call anyone since Saturday evening so I don't know if that will causes issues as well or if I can actually use it that way.

4 more sleeps until NO MORE ABILENE!!!! I can't wait, but I have a feeling this week is going to go sooooooooo slow. Maybe with Bob, Lindsey, Katie, Jacob, Austin, and Natalie coming on Wednesday and then Thanksgiving being Thursday it will help the week go by faster.

I'm not sure how we're going to get everything back to Arlington. It took us 3 loads in the car and truck to get here (and we will have three other people to take back with us). UNLESS my mom and Matt get a truck while they're here and maybe Katie, Jacob, Austin, and Natalie will have some room to take stuff back for us too.

I need to get used to just cooking for Patrick and me. With Bob only coming to Arlington every other weekend there's going to be a lot of nights where it's just the boys and me. It's going to be hard, but I think it's time for the boys to have some stability.

I have to find a new pediatrician in Arlington and that bothers me because it took me three years to find one I like, but it will be too hard to drive from Arlington to Highland Village every time they have a doctor's appointment. Guess I better get on that since Mason will be ONE in a month and 7 days. YIKES!!!!

Random of the day... for two nights now I've woken up at 4 am starving and having the hiccups. I have no idea why, but it's a bit annoying.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Music Monday...No More

Last week I received a copy right warning in my email based on my Music Monday post. I've decided to do away with Music Monday to be sure I don't have any more issues.

I'm not sure what our Monday blog will be now, but I'm sure I can think of something good.

Tankersley Update

Seems it's been a while since I talked about how everyone is doing, so here ya go.

I just took Mason to the ER on Friday because I noticed he had fluid filled blisters. They started in his diaper area and then spread to his trunk and face. The doctor tried to tell me it was mite bites from the dogs, but the last time I checked mite bites don't give you a fever. Yesterday I noticed even more blisters on him and now they are in his diaper area, belly, back, chest, face, neck, and even the top of his head.
Those of you who've known me for a while know that Patrick had impetigo when he was 8 months old. It started out just like this, but with bigger blisters. I REALLY don't want to deal with that again. Not to mention it is so freaking contagious and we've had other kids in the house.
I can't get Mason into a pediatrician here in town, the Urgent Care Center doesn't take our insurance and I REALLY don't want to deal with the ER again. He didn't even take a culture to see if it could be something else. If he starts a fever again or they keep popping up I may just drive back to DFW so he can see his pediatrician. He's in good spirits though so that makes me happy. I just hope he gets over this (whatever THIS is) soon.

Oh and he weighs 22 pounds as of Friday

Patrick has slowly started the potty learning process again. Only problem is when we move on Friday will he regress again? His favorite words are currently "No" and "huh?". He's having issues with there being too many authority figures in the house and he's started to act out like all of the other kids. I cannot wait for the move. Other than that he's doing really good. I DO need to have him tested for food allergies because I think he may have a problem with red coloring in food. It messes with his belly like chocolate does and we're going through WAY TOO MANY diapers.

Mommy and Daddy:
Bob got a phone call from his boss yesterday...
He'll no longer be working on the DART project in Irving. He'll be back down in the Valley working on...well that's not important, but he'll be shuffled back and forth between Brownsville and Eagle Pass. Because he'll be split between two projects and other reasons, the boys and I will be staying in Arlington.
I am still wanting a job and I won't be able to work in McAllen because I won't have anyone to watch the boys. In Arlington I still have my mom close by. Not to mention Bob said he's glad I finally made friends IRL (ha) and he doesn't want me to have to start all over again.
The boys and I will be stable in Arlington and Bob will come home every other weekend. He leaves December 4th and I won't see him until they get out for the holiday break. This also means a bit of a pay raise. Now granted the pay raise will all go toward Bob's rent and groceries, but once I start working it's going to be great.

One weekend that Bob doesn't come home I'm planning a trip to Arkansas to see Lindsey and Curtis.

Speaking of Lindsey, as you may or may not know, my stepdaughter is also Lindsey. They are having her tested for diabetes on Tuesday. I am scared for her because I KNOW how scary that is. She's 11 so I can only imagine what it will be like for her.

Other than that I guess we're all doing fantastic.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Randoms

  • I have an amazing blog post worked out in my head, but I can't publicize it yet. So for now it will remain a secret until one day I'll be able to shout it from the roof tops.
  • I had crab for breakfast then followed it up with some left over cookie dough
  • I've been up for an hour and already I've changed and fed the boys, got dressed, ate breakfast, and made cookies.
  • I made Christmas cookies and I'll share pictures with you when they are all pretty
  • SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I've put over 8000 miles on my car since July 31st
  • SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I want popcorn (that goes good with crab and cookie dough right?)
  • SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Something incredible happened a month ago
  • I want to play bingo
  • Have I mentioned that I'm LEAVING ABILENE IN SIX DAYS???!!!!!?????

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Thankfuls

Today I am thankful for...
  • My beautiful children. It's so hard to believe Kayla is almost 11. Patrick is growing up to be such a little man, and I really can't believe Mason will be 1 next month.
  • My mom and Matt for everything they've done for us these last few days. We really appreciate you.
  • Nana for watching the boys while I'm out of town for whatever reason.
  • THURSDAY!!!! Only one more week and then I get to get to move to Arlington.
  • My faithful blog readers, checking us out every day no matter what's going on in your life. <3 <3 <3
  • Lindsey, for understanding, knowing how I'm feeling, listening to me bitch, asking how I'm holding up, and giving me something to talk about to keep my mind on other stuff. I <3 you and tadpole
  • Text messaging. It's amazing how one little text can make me smile
There's a ton more, but Mason has decided 5 am is a great time to wake up...

I'd also like to say "I'm thinking of you" and "IMYLM"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photo Shoot

Mommy and Patrick
Mommy and Kayla
Mommy and the kids
Mommy and Mason
So handsome
"Boo" "Noses" and "Skeeber"
My babies
I LOVE this shot of Mason

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Goofy edition!!!! It's been one of those days. LOL

More Tuesday Thoughts

  • I can't sleep. I tossed and turned all night, waking every hour or so, hoping it was morning so I could get out of bed.
  • I had some pretty realistic dreams and even a nightmare or two.
  • I'm NEVER eating fried food again. I still feel like I chugged a bucket of grease from last night's dinner. UGH
  • I think I'm taking my mom and Matt to look at cars today and I imagine we'll end up at Hobby Lobby.
  • Maybe I can convince them to play bingo tonight...
  • It feels like Saturday not Tuesday. I wish it was Saturday
  • Speaking of fried food... fried alligator, fried oysters, grilled shrimp, jalapeno cornbread, and french fries TOTALLY fall in my high fiber, high protein, low carb diet...HA!!!!
  • I'm sure I'll have more thoughts to share later.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I'm not even sure where to start with my thoughts today. My mind is so full right now, I'm not positive I can even sort through it all.
  • A good friend of mine just had their first baby today (Monday) and I am soooo excited and happy for them, but I can't help but feel just a teeny bit of jealousy.
  • Between the new baby and my BFF being pregnant I have some SERIOUS baby fever going on right now.
  • I had a great lunch today :) and my mom and Matt took me to dinner at a cajun place in Arlington.
  • I think tonight is going to be a night I turn the iPod up and leave it on all night while I sleep. Hopefully Mason agrees with this plan and doesn't wake up until morning.
  • I think I'm going to go to bed. I'll be back tomorrow with more Tuesday Thoughts.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


So I decided to log into Myspace today just to see what has changed over there. I started looking at my blog on there and I came across the story of the night I got stuck in the elevator. Here it is...WARNING!!!!! There is bad language in here since I just copy and pasted it.

Yeah so we are doing laundry today and it was time to go down stairs to get the clothes out of the dryer--Bob decides he is gonna take the stairs--me thinking I can beat him I decide to take the elevator--- WRONG CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!
I hit the button to go from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor and the elevator starts up and down I go just like normal---
BUT THEN--------
When I get to the first floor the door doesn't fucking open!!!!!!

So I am sitting there in the elevator and I can't get out--Bob is on the First floor talking to me thru the doors--He goes and gets the courtesy officer and they are outside the doors making jokes trying to keep me calm--they call the fire department and they finally get there and
The stupid ass fire man knocks on the damn door--hello what the fuck am I supposed to do????? Answer the damn door????? HELLO??? can we say
stupid ass
So they finally get me out---(now let me tell you that the little door that holds the phone in the elevator got bent last week by the carpet layers) and the fire man was like ummmmm what exactly did you do when you got in the elevator????
ugggghhhhhh hello????? what the hell do you think I did? kick the hell outta tha phone door???? uhhhhhh nah---- prolly not stupid-----(THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS AS HE IS ASKING ME)
All I did was get in the elevator and push the button!!!!
But now I am done venting---I just wanted to share my story--so yeah not only am I fearful of stairwells now I am fearful of elevators---so what the hell am I supposed to do? Stay in the apartment all tha time??? Fuck that---I will take the stairs--just carry a knife for those perverted lurkers who hide in stair wells.


Since being in Abilene I haven't had to cook. It's been nice, but at the same time I've been wanting to get back in the kitchen. I decided to cook breakfast this morning.

Eggs, pork sausage, and biscuits and gravy. Here's some pics of the yumminess. The first one is Bob's plate and the second one is my plate. Later I'm making fudge...because you should never go to the store hungry. Probably should have gotten something for Patrick to eat since he can't have chocolate.

And you betcha I'll post pics of the fudge when I make it.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My interview

First my car was frosty this morning because it was freaking cold out, then my tire pressure warning light came on. I didn't think I was going to make it on time, but I made it to the store 3 minutes before 9. The doors were locked, nobody in sight and they weren't answering the phone. Finally she answered the phone and let me in. There were only two of us that showed up for this interview.

She is going to check references and she said she'd let me know by Tuesday. The one thing I have working in my favor is I am available any time any day. My mom is going to watch the boys if I work during the day and obviously Bob will have them if I work nights.

Now when Mom and Matt go back on the road...not sure what I'll do then, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Back to DFW on Monday to take Mom and Matt to the doctor. I also have lunch plans while I'm there. I believe Mom and Matt are coming back to Abilene with me. Maybe I can convince her to drive to give me a break.

Edited to add that while I would like someone else to drive, my trips to DFW have been more than worth it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wish Me Luck

Tomorrow is my first interview. I haven't worked since December 20th 2006. I am nervous. It's a group interview at Lane Bryant and it's only for a holiday position, but something is better than nothing at this point. I know if I can get my foot in somewhere in retail I could move up pretty fast and make decent money. Shoot my last job was getting ready to make me a front end shift leader after only 4 months. I miss that job. I had good friends there. Anyway, just wish me luck on my interview. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Falling behind

Cindy was asking where we were ranked on picket fence blogs today. We are at number 73 right now. We have 40 votes. The number one spot has 914 (WOW!!!!!!) Thanks to all my readers who keep voting for me. We appreciate you very much!

Friday Randoms

*I put my tongue ring back in, my tongue was pretty swollen after so I took it out last night. I put it back in this morning and so far it's not swollen or sore anymore.

*I met a guy yesterday that just got a tattoo on his side where I want mine. Dude is cut and he said it hurt like a b**ch. Now I'm scared to get mine

*I had a dream last night that someone told me they wanted me to go to New York with them for 2 weeks. And I don't mean Cindy...LOL (IMYLM)

*On one hand I am jealous of my BFF right now, but on the other hand I'd probably pass out if I was in that position.
I love you girl and I'm here ANY TIME.

*I had WAY.TOO.MUCH to drink at the spouses dinner. Pretty sure I sent drunk texts, and I don't remember anything that happened after I got to Bob's apartment. Pretty sure I fell asleep at the wrong time though...

*I think my Friday Random post today took on more of a Tuesday Thoughts approach...oh well


...feels just like 26. lol

Yesterday was my birthday, and yes I turned 27. I spent the morning with my mom and Matt. I spent the day in Arlington and I got my nails done and my eyebrows waxed (THAT was long over due). I went to dinner with Bob at On The Border and they sang to me. THAT was embarrassing, but kind of neat at the same time because when we were leaving everyone stopped us to say Happy Birthday.

Wednesday night of course was the spouses' dinner. We didn't quite have the turn out we wanted, but it was still a good crowd. We had dinner at Cozymel's Grapevine. And now when I send out my emails the other spouses will know who I am. That's probably a good thing since I am the Chapter Secretary. Of course this was a quarterly dinner which means it was expensed by the company so that was a nice treat. I DID NOT follow my new diet plan, I drank too much, I ate fried food, and I had margarita cheesecake for dessert. I also went shopping with Cindy on Wednesday and I got to see one of Mason's girlfriends.

I missed Wordless Wednesday and Thankful Thursday, so we'll pick those back up next week. Stay tuned later today for my Friday Randoms.

I'd also like to say "Thinking of You"...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Will you vote for Mason please?

Eco-Mom blog photo contest

He could win a lot of great prizes. All you have to do is click the link, fill out the form, and then confirm your email. It only takes a minute and I'd greatly appreciate it. It looks like he gets 1 vote for every star. The winning picture has over 500 right now so we have a long way to go.

Thank you all!!!

Hot for the Holidays Shape Up Challenge

I joined the What To Expect Hot for the Holidays Shape Up Challenge. I am going to be brave and post my pictures on the blog as well. I'm hoping that my journey can help motivate other people as well. So here are the facts...

Very first starting weight (March 2009) 265 pounds
Weight the night before Mason was born (December 2009) 263 pounds
Weight as of this morning (November 2010) 210 pounds

My weight goal for the challenge is 11 pounds in 10 weeks.
My fitness goal for the challenge is to get off my ass. I need some type of physical activity since I'm not going to the gym. Maybe I'll use Kayla's Wii fit
My nutritional goal for the challenge is to consume more water and high protein, high fiber, low carb

Watch for pictures this weekend and it's going to take a lot for me to post them, but hopefully they will motivate someone out there.

Edited to add the actual challenge is 6 weeks I believe, but I'm giving myself 10. For the 6 weeks I hope to lose a pound a week.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

* My car still smells like pickles and I can't for the life of me figure out why
* Coke Zero Cherry is not as good as Coke Zero Vanilla
* The KFS Fall Quarterly Dinner is tomorrow night. I hope it goes well
* I need to get the oil changed in my car
* My lip hurts :(
* I need to clean my car out and hopefully get the pickle smell out when I do
* I've had dizzy spells Sunday and Monday...strange

"Thinking Of You"

These three words hold so much feeling it's incredible.

Think about that friend or family member that you haven't talked to in some time. Give them a call, send an email, a text, a facebook message whatever, just let them know you're thinking of them. It will make their day!!!

I know when my phone buzzes with a text message and it simply says "Thinking of you" it's the best text I've gotten all day. It lets me know that during your day to day life you stopped long enough to not only think about me but long enough to text me to let me know I am on your mind. Even though we have probably sent texts all day long, this is the message that I look forward to the most. These three words will bring a smile to my face, and a tear to my eye all in one.

I'd like to take a minute out of my day and let someone know that I am thinking of them. Thank you for caring enough to think of me. I'm grateful that you're in my life.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

~*~Music Monday~*~

Today's first video was chosen by a a very special person in my life.

Endless Skies by VNV Nation (this music is new to me, but I LOVE it)

And the second video was chosen by yours truly and it makes me smile when I hear it.

Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne


That's our rank on Picket Fence Blogs as of 12:30 Sunday afternoon. Thank you to my readers that vote for us. I appreciate all of you.

Edited to add that's 67 out of 548 !!!!! That's GREAT!!!!

Ask the Blogger answers part 1

Since I can't sleep I'll go ahead and answer some of the questions. Feel free to keep them coming and I'll do a round two answer post.

*If you were stuck on an island what 4 things would you want to have (not people): My laptop (with internet service), a brush, unlimited coke zero, and a good book

*If you had to chose one song to describe your life what would it be?: This one may get me in trouble but I'd have to say "Is There Life Out There" by Reba. Although if you were to ask someone else what song describes my life I've been told "Hypnotize the Moon" by Clay Walker by more than one man (ha)

*Do you have any secrets you've posted on your blog that nobody in your real life know? Not really, but I do give secret shout outs in some of my posts. The person in the shout out knows it's about them, but I doubt if anyone else knows.

*What's your favorite color? Hot pink and black (I also like lime green, white, and bright orange)

*Did you have any nicknames growing up? HAHAHA yes, I had a nickname it's quite embarrassing to be honest, but my family used to call me beaner growing up. Nice huh? My friends used to call me Starlight in middle school

*Why doesn't your daughter live with you when you're not in Abilene? Hey I said anything goes so here ya go... She doesn't want to, plain and simple. Ask her where she wants to live and she wants to stay right where she is. We had planned on her moving in with us this past Summer, but she was heartbroken so we didn't force the issue.

*How long have you been married? Bob and I got married June 25th 2004 so just a bit over 6 years

*Is it your first marriage? No it is not, I married right out of high school and we split after 13 months of marriage. Our divorce was final in March 2004.

*What high school did you go to? My freshman year I went to Richland High in North Richland Hills, Tx. My sophomore year I went to Birdville High in North Richland Hills. My junior and senior years I went to Abilene High in Abilene, Tx.

*Who's your best friend? This question got me thinking because there for a long time I didn't really have anyone I could call a friend let alone a best friend. I'd have to say my BEST friend (meaning the one that I can tell ANYTHING to) would have to be Lindsey, with a close second going to Cindy (although I can tell her ANYTHING too, we just haven't known each other as long), I also consider Brittay, Monica, and Vicky good E-friends meaning they know a lot about my life but we've never met. There is one other person that I can open up and share my whole life with and they know who they are (here's one of those secret shout outs I mentioned earlier lol)

I'll be back to post round 2 answers later today. Thanks to all my readers that sent in questions, please keep them coming I enjoyed answering them.

Update on Ask the Blogger

First: Did YOU remember to set your clocks back? I would have forgotten if my phone hadn't done it automatically.

It was brought to my attention that one of my settings was making it to where only admin of Skeeberboo could post comments. It has now been fixed, so please feel free to comment with your questions. Or of course you can still email them (

I've gotten some good questions to be on the look out for an answer post sometime today.

Now would anyone like to tell me why I am awake at 2:28 am on a Sunday? UGH

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who's up for a round of ask the blogger anything?

Here's how you play...

Leave a comment (I have moderation on so you'll still be anonymous) or email me ( Ask anything you want and tonight or tomorrow I will make a blog post answering all the questions. Anything goes and you'll remain anonymous so don't hold back.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Today was a GREAT day

I am back from Arlington and I think I covered a lot of ground today. I had a few on the spot mini interviews. I have a group interview on Saturday the 13th at 9:00 am for a seasonal position at Lane Bryant. I also have an interview on the 29th at Gymboree. I would LOVE to work for Gymbo. I hope I get that job or the one at Charming Charlie.

Charming Charlie is my FAVORITE STORE EVER!!!! I got a gift certificate there for Christmas last year and would gladly accept that as a present again this year *COUGH.HINT.COUGH* to anyone looking for ideas for birthday or Christmas presents for me this year.

Charming Charlie is also the store I was in when my labor started with Mason.

Picket Fence Blogs Standings

We're currently number 70. Thanks to all my readers that vote for us. Remember you can vote every day. I appreciate it.

Up next week: YoYo Lipgloss review before pictures, followed by review and after pictures

okay a quick Friday Randoms

Mason decided to wake up early today so I am up long before I should be. Here's a couple Friday randoms for you.

*My favorite colors are hot pink and black, but if you know me then I'm sure you already knew that
*I don't think I'll be getting my Nook or Kindle for my birthday this year. I'm not holding out too much hope for Christmas either. Bob isn't the best gift giver (good thing he can't read my blog lol). Looking like I'll have to save up and buy it for myself.
*I like to dip my Sonic tater tots in honey mustard...strange? It's very good
*I STILL haven't gotten my milk and cookies ;)
*KAYLA LET ME PUT A BOW IN HER HAIR AND SHE WANTS TO WEAR IT TO SCHOOL TODAY...yes that needed to be in all caps because it's a HUGE deal.
*Why is it when you have plans the hours leading up to them go by so slow? I am ready to hit the road, but I can't until after Kayla goes to school.

I'll try to think of some more and I'll post them when I get back to town this evening

Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Friday Randoms

I'll be leaving Abilene pretty early tomorrow. I'm headed to Arlington to start the job hunt process for when we move back. I won't have the ability to update my blog so there won't be any Friday Randoms, unless I post them tomorrow night.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend. :)

I finally have someone to model my bows

Kayla is more boyish than my boys are so I haven't gotten to have her model any of my hair bows. I made a bow for my cousin to wear to the football game tomorrow night since she is on Cougar's Pride. I don't have any pictures yet, but I should get one of her tomorrow.

We are hoping that the other girls want bows too because let's just say half the squad want a bow just like Alysa's then that's a pretty decent sized profit. Now if we can convince all 60 girls to buy a bow then...

I'll also have pre-made bows for sale at our garage sale this weekend. Hoping people actually show up because I forgot to put an ad in the paper. Oops I guess my mind has been preoccupied ;)

If you're interested in checking out my bows you can see some examples at Skeeberbootique or if you'd like something specific just ask. I'll have more stuff on the facebook page soon, I just won a huge lot of supplies so keep an eye out for lots of fun stuff.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Another new addition to the blog...

Today I am thankful for

*Friends and family that understand
*My children
*The one person out there that can put a smile on my face no matter what :)
*Lindsey, Cindy, Ashley and Vicky because I can tell you anything without fear of being judged
*My blog readers
*The companies that allow me the chance to review their products
*KFS (the K spouses group) for giving me the chance to socialize with other adults lol
*PLAY DATES!!!!! I can't wait to get back to DFW for regular play dates

and yes I know this was technically posted on Wednesday, but I like my first blog of the day to be up when my first reader visits for the day.

I'm too young for this

I never thought I'd have to have the "you're not emo" talk with Kayla. I mean she's 10 years old. Is this really something that 10 year olds know about these days? Does ANYONE really know what emo really is?

The school is concerned with the books she likes to read, I say hey at least she's reading. Granted she IS reading books that are too old for her, but she is reading the same books that I would read. I am not concerned with her reading choices.

I AM concerned with her thinking she needs to be something she isn't to impress people. I hope what we talked about today sinks in and she realizes she just needs to be KAYLA and not what anyone else thinks she should be. I KNOW she is capable of making good grades and being a good child.

My fear is I didn't get away with half of what she does and I got pregnant at 15. If she keeps this up, what trouble is she going to get into?

Picket Fence Reset

Picket Fence Blogs has reset the blog standings as of today. If you could take a minute and click the vote for me button (the one with the picket fence lol). You don't have to sign up for anything, all you have to do is click. Thanks for being a loyal Skeeberboo reader.

Also could you please take a moment and vote for my boys in the What To Expect halloween costume contest. I could win a new camera. Again you don't have to sign up for anything just click the link, enter the text and click vote. Voting is open today 11/03 only.


Thank you!!!!

EDITED TO ADD you can vote on Picket Fence blogs once a day

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is another new blog feature. Well new to my blog anyway, I know 392384327 other bloggers do this as well.

I don't have any new exciting pics to share today so I guess we'll start this next week.

Here's one pic. It's from last year, but I find it relaxing and beautiful...

Final Tuesday Thoughts

* I finally got some more Vanilla Coke Zero
* I like when I see you visited my blog. It makes me smile
* I can't wait until Friday
* Mason is cutting a tooth and we can finally see it. I hope it makes him my happy baby again
* I hate my phone and I hope to get a new one soon
* I am starving but refuse to eat this late. Nothing good can come from that
* I need to start Christmas shopping
* I never did get my candy cane, or my milk and cookies...that's not fair at all

Tuesday Thoughts part 2

*I am sad that it's time to say goodbye to Mason's baby stuff
*I never realized how much junk we have until I started organizing for the garage sale
*I never realized how many pairs of short and jeans Bob has that he only wore once or twice during his weight loss. Someone is going to get some really good deals at the garage sale
*I want a candy cane...wonder if anyone has them out yet
*I think I want to apply for a job at Hobby Lobby again...I miss my discount and guaranteed Sundays and holidays off
*I need to find out if there is a Hobby Lobby near the place we'll be living when we move to Arlington
*Did I tell you I am moving to Arlington? On November 26th!!!!!!!!! SO.READY.TO.BE.OUT.OF.ABILENE
*Today is getting organized for the garage sale day
*Tomorrow is bow making day
*It's been a long time since I watched DOOL and I have NO IDEA what is going on. I don't recognize anyone anymore either.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

This is a new feature on my blog. It's going to be similar to the Friday Randoms, but instead of random things about me it will be random thoughts. So let's start off our first Tuesday thoughts today.

*I think I am getting a tattoo. I am waiting to hear back from my cousin about the logistics of where, when, and how much. It will be MUCH cheaper than walking into a shop. I originally wanted to get it done when I got back to DFW because I'd like someone to be there with me, but logistically that might be hard to accomplish so I am hoping to get it done before I leave Abilene.

*9 days until my birthday!!! I'l be 27 woohoo

*I am out of Vanilla Coke Zero and we can't have that. Looks like I need to go to the store.

*I am sad the Rangers lost :( and I will never forget the first game of the series. I had so much fun that night :D

*I am craving milk and cookies something fierce :)

*I think I want to put jewelry back in some of my piercings. I hope I can still pull it off. I wish my eyebrow wasn't shot because I really liked that one, but it was ripped so there is no way to get that one back in

*I can't wait until Friday so I can get out of Abilene

*I am so ready for the 10th and 11th to be here too. The 10th because of the KFS quarterly dinner and the 11th because I get to spend my birthday with some very special people.

I'm sure I'll add more to this post or do a part 2 later on, but this is all I got for now.

Official District Meeting invitation

We got our official District Meeting invitation on Friday. This means I know the themes and can shop accordingly.

Wednesday we have the "K" Social Hour. This means FOUR hours of open bar!!!!! WOOHOO

Thursday I have Spouse Breakfast, then "K" Ranch (not sure what that means, but I guess I better pack my jeans and boots lol), then we do lunch (hello open bar again), I'll have some down time after lunch and then we'll have social hour and dinner (I'll wear my dress to this one since all eyes will be on us when Bob stands for his service award). Then we have "T's" Biergarten and that is casual dress.

Friday I will take the boys to childcare then enjoy breakfast in my room. HEAVEN!!!! Then we have "K" Pampered Spouse and again I don't know what this means, but it sounds AHHHH-MAZING!!!! Then we watch the "K" video with the employees and listen to the closing remarks. This is where they'll start plans for the next DM. Friday night is performance awards and while Bob won't get one of these (because survey NEVER gets one) I still want to look nice for this so I need a cute outfit. During performance awards we'll also have dinner and then we'll have "K" goes global which is also casual dress.

I am looking forward to all parts of district meeting, but especially my DOWN TIME WITH NO KIDS relaxing in my KING SIZE BED. And the open bar, we can't forget all the open bars.

*note to self* remember to fast before the health screen this year!!!!

So this means I need the dress and boots from Macy's, another dressy-casual dress or skirt, 2 cute casual outfits for night time entertainment. I already have my boots and I'll probably buy a new pair of jeans.

New hair part 1

I decided it was time for another change. The color was done today and I think the cut will be done on Thursday. I like the way the color turned out.