Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2 years

I can't believe that Saturday will be 2 years since the last time I updated the blog. It's crazy how much has happened in those two years.

We got married! 02/21/12

 "Bug" Mirabella Dracyn made her debut! 05/19/12 (9 lbs 6 oz of beautiful princess)

Mirabella is going to be a big sister! 04/01/13

Mirabella has extreme food allergies! 04/13

Mirabella turns one! 05/19/13

Mirabella learns to walk! 06/13

My boys grew up! 06/13

 I met my "man crush" Vernon Fiddler! 06/13

Boo started kindergarten! 08/13

 We found out it's a boy! 09/13

 Skeebs started pre-k! 09/13

"The Captain" Jeter Robinson was born! 12/3/13 (11 pounds of pure awesomeness!!!)

 Then he went to NICU for 5 days! 12/13

 Then he spent his one month "birthday" in the hospital for Pyloric Stenosis surgery! 01/14

 Then he turned 2 months old 02/13