Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guess Who's Single Again?

Are you ready for more insight into the single mom's dating life? Well good because you're going to get your wish. Apparently I've suffered what my friends and I like to call the curse of the correctional officer. They spend hours a day shutting themselves off in order to keep themselves from making a connection with an inmate that they don't realize they do the same thing at home. In the past month myself and two of my friends have met a correctional officer through the same means (two on the same site even) and all three of them ran away at the mere thought of having to open up to someone.

My only regret is he already met the boys, but it is what it is and one day he'll wake up and realize what he had and that day I'll be waking up next to the one that always knew it. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad, John.
Happy Father's Day to my step-dad, Matt.
Happy Father's Day to my grandpas, Darrell and Raymond
Happy Father's Day to my uncles, Donnie, David, Mark
Happy Father's Day to Ernie

Happy Father's Day to my male blog readers

and yes, even Happy Father's day to Bob

but right now I want to say a HUGE Happy Father's Day to Scott... you are a true blessing in my boys' lives. You and Margie have helped us out so much I will forever be grateful, but you, Scott, you are such a great male role model in my boys' lives. I appreciate you so much for that. I know the boys love you. Thank you!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Randoms!!

  • I wish someone would bring me a coney and chili cheese tots from Sonic with a Vanilla Coke Zero
  • I cut and dyed my hair yesterday. It looks freaking amazing...
  • Last night was so much fun! Last game of the season, and banquet in two weeks.
  • Summer league starts in July and I hope we can get another team going so I can play full time
  • My dad took the boys fishing for the first time last night and they had so much fun. They're gone for a week and it's only the first morning without them and I already miss them like crazy
  • I need to clean Boy's (the fish) bowl out, but I have to admit I have no idea how do it...do I take the fish out and put him in another bowl or ???
  • I am going to spend my kid free time cleaning, it isn't going to do any good because it'll be a mess as soon as they get home again haha
  • Bob's supposed to pick the boys up on July 9th... nearly 3 months since the last time he saw them...
  • I was all ready to sleep til noon today and my Nana woke me up at 10:00 over some trivial nonsense that I really didn't care about...now I'm tired and hungover and I can't go back to sleep because the light comes in my windows too much.
  • I think that's all for now... I need to go eat something

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I miss him!
  • My dad is coming to pick the boys up on Thursday. I'm sure that'll piss Bob off because they'll be there for Father's Day so they won't be calling him. 
  • I wish I could spend my kid free time with E but he is helping his brother this weekend
  • I'll probably go out and watch mom, Donna, Debbie, and Janie play darts at Red's then end up doing karaoke with Donna at The Armadillo on Thursday then just sitting at home the rest of the weekend.
  • Lindsey goes home tomorrow
  • After having 3 kids by myself for 3 weeks I am so ready for this break and I love my dad, sister, and step mom for taking them
  • I look forward to 3:00-3:30 every day so I can hear from him. He works over night 
  • I need to get back to the gym
  • I did some major couponing on Sunday. I saved 47% at Tom Thumb and Kroger and saved $15 at Albertsons. I now have a little stock pile going and I love it!!!!! E's proud of me too and that is awesome <3 <3 <3 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My house to yours

It's 188 miles from Arlington to Huntsville. That feels a lot longer than it sounds. I don't think you realize how much you've changed my life since you walked up to me at Souper Salad on April 15th. I realized while we sat in the theater and watched Sucker Punch that you and I would had serious potential. I knew as we left the movie and drove back to get my car that I wanted you to meet my children.

When I was down about my first Mother's Day as a single mom you drove in to see me. You met my boys that day. We ended up at Souper Salad again (we will eat here every time you come now because it's special to me). This was the first time you spent the night and waking up next to you felt great! Sleeping alone really sucks.

When I heard you were sick and in the ER I cried, and cried, and cried some more. I hated that I couldn't be there with you. I was scared.

Last week I got to meet your youngest son. He's such a well behaved handsome young man. I can tell you have taught your boys great manners and respect. I appreciate you for that. It takes a strong man to do what you've done. To handle what you've been dealt. We went to Souper Salad for dinner and managed to survive it with a teenager, a pre-teen, and two toddlers... and had a great laugh at "ohh that one's not ours" LMAO

Thursday I finally made the drive to see you. It was wayyy longer than 188 miles because I was leaving from Chad's apartment (where I'd been working all day). The second best part of the trip was being able to stop at Buc-ee's but the best part of the trip...

Even though I looked a hot mess from working and sweating all day you still wrapped your arms around me and kissed me. <3 <3 <3

I met your other son and again I must say you did one heck of a job raising your boys. I admire you for all you've done. You're a hard working man, a great father, and an amazing boyfriend.

I'm glad you are in my life. I desire to drop that 188 miles down to far less, but for now I'd make that drive every day if it meant being in your arms when I reached my destination.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Loki, Patrick, and A Boy

It's been a crazy week already and it's only Wednesday. I've avoided blogging for a little bit because it seems that every time I talk about something on here or facebook that may not make sense to someone, they find a way to twist it around and try to make it mean something it doesn't (or maybe it does and you just don't need to worry about it... HAHA just kidding).

Moving on...
Saturday night I woke up to Lindsey telling me Loki pooped all over the bathroom floor and there was blood. I cleaned it up and went back to bed thinking he had eaten something that didn't agree with him. Sunday morning I woke up to more blood and a bunch of dog mess in the bathroom. It smelled AWFUL...way worse than "normal". He wouldn't eat or drink or take his treats. He didn't want to play, and he wouldn't go outside. He just laid behind the toilet and whimpered. After doing some research, talking to some friends, and some vets I decided to be safe and take him in because all signs pointed to Parvo and I cannot have that around my children. The shelters were closed since it's Sunday so I found an emergency vet (ohh let me back up and say there is noooo way I can afford any of the treatments out there for this). The vet suggested it be best we leave Loki with him, I agreed and requested he not call to tell us any news. I'm 99% sure they put him down, but like I said I didn't want to know. There is no way I could handle knowing.

I cried, Lindsey cried, Patrick... well Patrick took it the hardest of all. He was inconsolable and NOTHING would calm him down... except the fish tank at the vet so I decided to go spend the last $20 I had for the week and buy him a fish. It's a blue beta and he named him A Boy. He loves A Boy and he says good morning to him every day and goodnight to him every night. He feeds him and "plays" with him (which is making faces and talking to him through the fish bowl).  Patrick still asks for Loki, but Margie told him a great story about what happens when our pets pass away and he seems to be doing better.

We spent all day Sunday bleaching, scrubbing, shampooing, and cleaning the apartment and my car (though you can't tell about my car because it's a mess already).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

17 months

My little Skeebs turned 17 months on the 29th. How did he get so old? haha

He's in 12 month clothes, size 4 diapers, size 5 shoes. He weighs 21 pounds. He's on 3 medications (sometimes 4) every day for his RAD (Reactive Airway Disease).

At 17 months Mason can run, throw a ball, drink out of a regular cup, hold a crayon and scribble, and dip his entire hand in ranch dressing (HAHA).

His favorite food is... everything except carrots.
He can say... mama, daddy, bubba, Mason, Loki, hi, bye, Dr Pepper, eat, cup, gick
He sleeps for 12 hours and takes 2 naps during the day
He likes to play cars, football, and army men

And he's very smart!!! Check out this video we took tonight (but excuse my messy apartment, deep cleaning again tomorrow)