Friday, December 31, 2010

Testing out the mobile capabilities of the blog. That's random enough for Friday right?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friday Randoms

I am so exhausted. Working in retail during the holidays is by far the hardest thing I've ever done.
Thankfully the BRB (Big Red Balloon) is over Sunday.
Sunday I work a split shift (9:00 to noon and 6:30 to 9:30) doing inventory.
Luckily because the store is closed during the times I am working I can go to work in sweats

I've never had a problem with my face breaking out... until I turned 27 and now for some reason it's broken out like crazy all the time. It's quite annoying and ugly.

Bob is on his way home for the weekend.

My manager gave me her blessing to get my nose pierced and said I can keep my tongue ring in as long as the customers can't see it.

I am too tired to finish this blog post. Maybe I'll post more randoms tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No More Bottles!!!! and other stuff

Tonight is night one of no more bottles. We did the same thing with Patrick, threw all the bottles away on the first birthday and used sippy cups only. Mason got a sippy cup of milk when he went to bed, but he didn't even drink it. He fell asleep with his pacifier (I found a backup one since we lost his favorite one at the mall).

I hope that this goes as well as it did with Patrick, but I'm thinking it won't because Mason is much more high needs than Patrick was.

I was supposed to be off tomorrow but they need me to come in from 4-9:30. I am so not looking forward to that. I wish she'd have me work more days and less nights. I am so tired by the time I get home I just want to pass out.

Bob will be home tomorrow (or Today if you're reading this on Thursday). He'll be here until Sunday morning. I'm glad I am off on Friday so we can spend the day together. Saturday I'll be with friends and he'll be spending time with the boys.

I am so lonely. I cry a lot these days. Mostly at night when I'm in bed. I think it hurts a lot more than it should. I'm just a big ball of emotions. I put up a good front during the day so I can function, but night time is brutal. I know I made a whole blog about this very subject a few weeks ago, but it's not getting any easier, in fact it's getting harder. It also doesn't help tonight that Mason isn't a baby anymore. I am having a hard time with that.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Baby is ONE!!!!!!

Can someone please tell me how this happened? I can't believe this day is here. It seems like just yesterday I was ready to kill the Emergency Room guy. In honor of my baby not being a baby anymore here is his birth story. Some of you know this story, but I think most of you do not.

On Sunday December 27th Bob and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping at HEB. It was at this store that I started losing the MP. Gross I know!

On Monday December 28th I woke up in pain, bleeding, and couldn't tell when I needed to use the bathroom. The nurse line suggested I come into the office. My doctor was called to an emergency before I arrived so they sent us to L&D to get checked out. Bob couldn't come up with me because he had Patrick. We didn't think I'd be there long so they just chilled in the waiting room. Eventually I sent them home because it was going on like 8 hours. I was not having contractions, I was not making any progress, and my doctor hadn't come to see me. I was diagnosed with a UTI and the doctor wanted to keep me over night. I broke down! I just freaking lost it!!! I was crying and I was tired, I was hungry, and I was overdue for an insulin shot. I begged the nurse to ask my doctor to send me home if I promised I'd come to his office first thing in the morning. He finally agreed to my terms. Total time spent in L&D was 11 hours.

On Tuesday December 29th Bob took me to Dr. Cisneros at 10:00 am. I was hooked up to the NST and I think I may have had one contraction during that hour. He did an internal and said Mason was high up and I was not progressed at all. He told me to make an appointment for the following week, and I said no need, I'll see you tonight. He laughed at me.

We got my prescription filled for the antibiotic for my UTI, then went home to grab a bite to eat and let Bob change for the gym. I took some Evening Primrose Oil and we headed out. Bob dropped Patrick and I off at the mall about 2:00 and headed to the gym. We spent 2 hours walking around Charming Charlie looking for the perfect District Meeting dress to spend my gift card Bob got me for Christmas. About 3:30 I started having pains, not contractions, but the kind of pains you would get when you run too hard. We made a trip to the bathroom and I noticed I was bleeding pretty bad. I knew Bob would be back in about and hour so Patrick and I headed back to Charming Charlie. I found 2 dresses, a purse, shoes, and jewelry and we checked out. Bob picked us up about 4:30 ish. He said I looked like crap when he got there (thanks honey I love you too).

When we got home I asked Bob to start dinner while I laid down so the pain would go away. About 6:30 I started timing the contractions. They were about 3 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute each. I told Bob he needed to stop dinner so we could go to the hospital. He kept telling me no, that they would just send me home or I'd throw a fit like I did the night before. I told him I didn't care he better take me NOW!!!!! We headed toward the hospital about 8:00.

When I got to the hospital it was about 8:20 and I had to check into the Emergency Department. At this point my contractions were on top of each other and the ER guy was asking WAY TOO MANY questions. I was ready to kick him if he didn't get me upstairs and fast.

Once I got upstairs it took all my strength just to change into the gown. I was so grateful that the nurses from the night before were there again. After getting me in the bed the nurse in training did an internal and said she thought I was at an 8. The other nurse double checked and goes nope "SHE'S A 10, AND THERE GOES HER WATER GET EVERYONE IN HERE NOW!!!" My doctor wasn't there, Bob wasn't there (he had to stay downstairs with Patrick again). I remember the nurse struggling with the curtain since the door is open and I said "I don't care about the damn curtain he's coming if they see my junk then they see my junk" (those were my exact words) she said don't push Sara, I said I HAVE TO, she said wait breath through it. I said I can't he's doing it on his own. She looks and goes "yup, here he comes".

15 minutes after arriving in the Emergency Department Mason was born on December 29th at 8:36 pm weighing 8 pounds 8.2 ounces. As the nurses were doing their thing they brought me my phone so I could call Bob. He says "so are they sending you home?" I said "No, Mason and I have to stay here at least 24 hours" That confused him so I said "listen" and held the phone up so he could hear Mason crying. He said "No shit?" Yes shit. HA!
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Tuesday Thoughts

My littlest sister, Autumn (or Ahhhm as Patrick calls her) stayed the night last night. It's been forever since I've seen her. I'm glad she stayed with me. She'll also spend the day with me since my mom is babysitting the boys tonight.

My mom, Matt, two of my sisters (Katie and Autumn), Patrick, and Mason came to see me at work last night. They couldn't find my car though so for future reference...

I ALWAYS park in the parking garage between Macys and Dillards and I try to get as close to the mall entrance in between the two stores as possible.

My baby will be one tomorrow!!!! How did this happen??

Working 6:30 to 9:30 today.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Madness

It's time for another round of Monday Madness. This week seems to be off to a good start (HA! It's only 7:00 am Monday morning).

Monday I am hoping I get to see a friend for lunch. Dropping the boys off with Mom and Matt about 2:00 and then working 3:00 to 6:00 (I better double check that because last time I thought I worked at 3 I actually went in at 2). Then just the boys and I for the rest of the night. Bob left this morning to head back to the RGV.

Tuesday I work again, but I don't know the time right off the top of my head. I know it's in the evening because Mom and Matt are coming to watch the boys over here.

Wednesday is my Skeeb's birthday. He'll be one :( they grow up way too fast!!! We're going to Lewisville this night to celebrate Mason and Phoebe's birthday with Cindy, Andy, Cindy's dad, some of Cindy's friends, and hopefully Geri, Elizabeth, Jessica, and Kolbie.

Thursday I have to go into Dallas to pick something up for Bob and then back to Lewisville to pay a bill.

Friday Bob gets back home and after the events involving my brother and Natalie we will be celebrating the New Year at home.

Saturday is the day I am looking forward to the most. I will be spending the day with friends doing our thing, enjoying a few beers, having a few laughs. Bob will have the boys all day.

Sunday Bob heads back to the RGV again and won't be home until District Meeting in Mid-January.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It was a great Christmas

Although we had our share of drama here yesterday it was a great Christmas.

Santa brought Patrick big boy underwear (from Gymboree of course lol) and he wore a pair for most of the day and had no accidents. I love that little man. Today though he is covered head to toe in a rash. Apparently my children are allergic to Abilene... I don't blame them HA!

Mason took three steps from Uncle Donnie to me last night. BEST.CHRISTMAS.PRESENT.EVER!!!

Today is Mason's birthday party. I picked up his smash cake this morning and I am making the "eating cake" as I write this. I will take pictures, of course, and post them some time this week. I forgot my transfer cable at home so all photos will have to wait.

We're heading back to Arlington today after we drop Lindsey off in Weatherford. Bob heads back to McAllen tomorrow and back to work for me tomorrow as well.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I would like to take a minute and say Merry Christmas to all my amazing blog readers. I hope your holidays go well and everyone stays safe and warm.

For those that don't know, on Thursday my brother and his girlfriend were in a terrible accident after leaving a bar. The hit an abandoned car on the side of the highway. I will spare you the pictures. My brother was arrested and charged with intoxication assault. He spent the night in the city jail before our mom and his dad bonded him out. His girlfriends was extracted using the Jaws of Life and transported to the hospital. She surgery on Friday morning. Her femur was fractured and the surgeons put a steel rod in, her hip was cracked and they put a screw in, her tendons are sticking out of her pinky, she has a pretty bad concussion, and her face is pretty swollen.

My mom and Matt drove in from Abilene last night to be there for Austin and Natalie. After determining that everything is good, considering, they drove back in to Abilene last night. Austin is spending Christmas at the hospital with Natalie.

As far as Christmas for us, we're spending it with my family in Abilene (as we do every year). We're waiting for the rest of the adults to wake up so the kiddies can open their presents. I am so excited for Mason's first Christmas. I plan on taking many pictures. Most of them will be on Facebook, but I will post a couple here as well.

Merry Christmas!!!! Be safe!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 2009...

This was me after the neighborhood Christmas party last year (on Christmas Eve). Who would have guessed it would be my last belly picture? I can't believe how freaking huge I was... no wonder my neighbor always asked me if I was sure there wasn't three in there.
But hey LOOK!!! I can still see my feet (or at least my camera can stick out past my belly and take a picture of my feet-- HA)
Here's my handsome little Boo at the "K" O-Fence Christmas party
There's my honey looking good on christmas Eve
He was telling Daddy to throw the wrapping paper in the trash... silly boy

So much has happened this year and it's hard to believe these pics were only taken a year ago. The next few blog posts will be about the Holidays, 2010 for the Tankersley Family, and of course stay tuned on the 29th for a blog all about my Skeeber Baby.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my blog readers!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Thankfuls

Today I am thankful for...

  • My husband making it home safe and sound last night
  • Tylenol Severe Cold... without you I would not have been able to function the past three days
  • My wonderful stepdaughter for helping me wrangle children and clean up a bit before Bob got home
  • My family... We welcomed a new member into the family yesterday. Congratulations David and Sonja on your wedding. Sorry we had to miss it. Hope the rest of you didn't party too hard last night.
  • Early Christmas presents!!! I got my new dice set, which is totally awesome!!! I also got a GPS, some yummy chocolate, and a bottle of Patron. YAY!!!!
  • One more day off before I have to work that mad house tomorrow. Malls should be closed on Christmas Eve... Just sayin'.
  • My boys... nuff said!!!!
  • My friends!!!!! I love you all!
  • IMYLM... ILYLC!!!
  • Facebook, for letting me reconnect with old friends and make news ones all at the same time.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Skeeber stealing french fries at lunch today :)

My first Christmas present!!! THANK YOU!!!! I love it!!!!!

Tuesday Thoughts

8 DAYS... That's how long I have until Mason turns 1. The past year has gone by way too fast and I am not ready for him to be a toddler. I want my little baby back. :(

I was able to find a sitter for today (Thank You Jess). I hope my boys don't drive her wild on top of her 11 month old.

You'd think with how tired I am I'd be sleeping at 6 am on a Tuesday, but for whatever reason I am wide awake and bored out of my mind.

I am so ready for the holidays to be over with. Just driving to work is enough to make me go crazy. The traffic is awful and the crowds are even worse.

The husband gets home tomorrow!!!!!!

I've decided for sure that we are not going to Abilene tomorrow. We'll go on Christmas so the boys can see everyone and do the present thing. I just don't feel like putting my whole life on hold for that wedding like everyone else has. Besides I have a lot of cleaning to do before Bob gets home.

I REALLY need to wash my's awful!!!

I guess that's all I have for now, may be back later for more. Working 3-8:30 today.

Monday, December 20, 2010

And we're back...

The internet has been down since Saturday night. It has sucked not being able to blog or anything. At least I had my friends keep me sane via text.

So let's see what's been going on the last couple of days...

Saturday I had a blast!!!! I met some great people and I can't wait until we can get together again. Saturday night was a big sad mess. We had to find a new home for Ty because of Mason's perma-rash he had going on. Plus any time Ty came within two feet of Mason he would scream at the top of his lungs until Ty backed off. He went to live with the brother of a friend of mine. I know he'll be taken care of and they will love him just as much as we do. Patrick doesn't understand and he keeps asking where's Ty. Mason couldn't care less.

Sunday was a day full of cleaning. It's amazing what you can get done when you don't have the internet to tempt you. I also made an incredible lunch (recipe to come later).

So now on to our Monday madness post...

Today I work 5-close.

Tuesday I am supposed to work from 3-8:30 but again I find myself without a sitter because...well we won't get into all that here. If I can't find a sitter then I hope they can cover my shift at work.

Wednesday is my uncle's wedding, but I don't think we're going to be able to make it. If I have to pay a sitter for tomorrow night then I can't afford to drive to Abilene too. Oh well I guess I will be the one person that doesn't put my entire life on hold for you. I'll pick Lindsey up for Christmas and Bob will be home Wednesday night.

Thursday I have lunch plans...hopefully, since we didn't get to do it last week. I am off on Thursday as well.

Friday I have to work for a few hours, hopefully we won't be too busy.

Saturday is Christmas, but I think we've decided to wait until after the New Year to celebrate, but IDK yet.

Sunday is supposed to be Mason's birthday party, but again I don't think we'll be going to Abilene. Maybe Bob, Lindsey, Mason, Patrick and myself will just do something here at home. Maybe we'll invite Cindy, Andy, and Phoebe, Geri, Chris, and Elizabeth, and Jessica, Brett, and Kolbie. Mason needs to see all his girlfriends anyway.

Bob heads back to the Valley on Monday and then he'll be back on New Year's Eve for a couple of days.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Randoms

I finally changed to the new post options on Blogger. This is my first post since making the switch. It's taking some getting used to.

I did some massive shopping yesterday after my doctor's appointment.

I finally got my camera back!!!! I've hated not having it.

I should probably leave my phone alone when I've been drinking. At least my texts didn't get too crazy last night. And YES she really DOES have a talking snowman in her bathroom...

YAY! I bought a coffee pot finally too.

Is it Saturday yet???

Lunch today with Cindy and Phoebe!!!! YAY

The husband will be home in 5 days!!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Thankfuls

I am thankful for...

Good friends! Yesterday was the perfect day. I had an exceptionally wonderful morning. Breakfast with an AHH-MAZING friend. Then I did laundry and because the boys weren't home yet I got it done in a decent amount of time (not to mention Bob wasn't there "helping"). I had lunch with another good friend and then we did some Christmas shopping.

My husband coming home in less than a week. But then again the tears from the boys are going to suck again when he leaves.

Cindy!!! Her baby shares a birthday with my baby so we'll be going over there for cake to celebrate the babies. I'm glad we won't be alone on Mason's birthday.

Nana, and Papa for watching the boys this week. It sucked driving all the way out there for a sitter, but it was a nice break.

Katie, thanks for watching the boys tonight so I can do the "K" spouses ornament exchange. ILY

Bethany, the new part time sitter, for keeping the boys Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, I am thankful for my first, TOTALLY AWESOME, Christmas present, that I get to use on Saturday. I am also thankful for the chance to make new friends.

I am thankful that our new family members, Sonja and Jaime, made it safely here from Germany. I hope my uncle gets here just as safe on Saturday.

I am thankful for car payments :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

BEST.SNACK.FOOD.EVER... Funyuns dipped in mustard with wasabi. I know it sounds strange, but when we lived in Wyoming they made wasabi flavored Funyuns, and they were so good. We can't find them anywhere though so we started making our own. Not quite the same, but still good.

I am EXHAUSTED!!!! We didn't get out of work until 12:45. I finished hanging Kid Girl and Baby Girl new line, I stocked all the accessories for Kid Girl and Baby Girl, I moved Kid Boy clearance, I rearranged the girl's accessories, I moved the entire Baby Boy section and helped with the new line, I cleaned the register area, swept, swiffered, and straightened racks. My legs are numb and feel like they are going to fall off. My traps feel like I did shrugs all night, and my knee is killing me, but it's all worth it.

I should be in bed, but I was starving so I figured I'd blog while I eat my Funyuns and wasabi mustard. Besides, I just got out of the shower, and I don't like going to bed with a wet head.

The house is too quiet, and I miss my boys.

I am so tired I can't even think...I'm going to bed and I'll post more tomorrow

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Madness

This week seems to be a bit more hectic than last, but I'm looking forward to the change.

  • Today we're going to meet a potential new part time sitter. Her first time watching the boys will be Saturday.
  • Today I am driving the boys to Abilene---Hopefully, if I can manage to have enough gas to get there and back.
  • I might be picking up an extra shift tonight to help them finish the new floor set. Speaking of floor sets...I rocked the kid girl section last night. Thanks to me the sweater table looks FANTASTIC, even though we didn't think we'd have enough sweaters to pull it off.
  • Tomorrow I have a hair appointment in Dallas to finish up from Thursday
  • Working tomorrow night!!!!!!
  • Wednesday I think I have lunch plans in Fort Worth---
  • My mommy is bringing the boys back with her from Abilene on Wednesday.
  • Thursday I am hoping I have lunch plans, and then I'm probably going to Lewisville to see Cindy.
  • Thursday night is the "K" spouses ornament exchange out in Keller. *note to self* GET WINE!!!!!!
  • Working Friday night!!!!
  • Saturday will be spent making new friends :)
The week will also be full of laundry, dishes, giving Ty a bath, washing my car, making tamales, baking cookies for Saturday, cleaning, and of course cuddles with my boys.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 months

Really? Is that all, just 2 months?

On October 13th I got an email, just a hi, how are you doing email. I never would have guessed that from that simple email that I would have met the person who would become such a great addition to my life. I feel like I've known you so much longer than 2 months. I've opened up and told you things that only my closest friends know. You know things that happen in my life that even my family doesn't know. You listen to me when I need to complain (be it stupid cashiers, my husband, or just life in general).

Not a single day has gone by that we haven't communicated in some way. We've had play dates, lunch dates, breakfast dates, and dinner dates. Even when I moved away I felt close to you because we would watch the Rangers play "together". You even make trips to the grocery store exciting ;) You always know just what to say to make me smile and I appreciate that more than you know.

You have changed my life more than you know and I appreciate that. I'm grateful that you have come into my life. I'm honored to call you my friend.

You're an amazing person!!!! Thank you for being part of my life.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

11 years ago...

tomorrow (December 12th)

I woke up at 5:30 am with the world's worst "stomach ache". My mom woke up because I kept turning the bathroom light on.
"What's wrong?" she said "I feel like I need to use the bathroom, but I can't", "You're just in labor go back to sleep". HA like that happened.

I started timing contractions and they were 5 minutes apart lasting about a minute each. At 7 we woke Chuck up and told him I was in labor. He said "okay babe, wake me up when you're in labor" umm Chuck GET UP!!!! We're going to the hospital.

Mom, Chuck, and I made the drive from North Richland Hills to Grapevine to Baylor Hospital. I remember the water running in the bathroom and it wouldn't turn off (that's irrelevant, but it's a vivid memory). I remember getting up to Labor and Delivery and getting in bed. I remember having to drink some purple jello-y stuff to keep me from getting nauseated.

After that I was out, I can only remember bits and pieces. I remember my mom having to hold my hand up so I could sign for the epidural. I remember getting the epi and I remember telling the doctor "I feel like I'm being torn in half, she's tearing me" the doctor said "no no you're fine" Then I remember them handing kayla to Chuck? maybe my mom held her first... and I remember the doctor saying "okay, now we have to give you stitches because she tore you" NO KIDDING!!!! I told you she was you idiot.

I remember Mom, Chuck, Nana, Teresa, Alysa, Philip, Jennifer, Ashley, and Bubba being there. I remember asking Bubba to bring me McDonalds.

Kayla Ann Norris was born on December 12, 1999 at 1:07 pm (7 hours and 37 minutes after my first contraction) weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs 4 oz

Happy Birthday Noses!!! Mama loves you!!!!

Special Edition Music Post


Random Complaints

  • I hate when I want to make a quick trip to the drive thru somewhere, all I want is something to drink, and the person in front of me is ordering 2 of everything on the menu.
  • I hate when random people try to tell my kids what to do... unless you pushed them out of your vag, planted them in my ute, are family, or one of my really close friends then please kindly STFU and don't tell my kids what to do. I'm the mother, I got this...
  • Last night at work this lady comes to check out so I start ringing her up, then she goes oh wait I need... so I wait and then she starts looking at the whole store again. We end up canceling her transaction so we can ring other customers up. When she comes to check out again, she does the same thing. That is so annoying
  • I need a sitter Saturday, and I can't find one. I may cry if I can't find one.
I know I have more complaints, but I'm a good mood today, so I can't think of anymore...I'm sure I'll be back later with more.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Randoms

  • I work today, 6:30-9:30
  • I finally got new shirts to wear to work, they are super cute sweaters
  • I'll have the step daughter all weekend
  • I work Sunday, but I get to wear a t-shirt and tennis shoes because we're doing some changes to the store
  • My hair smells's that for random???
  • Making tamales this weekend
  • "K" Christmas Party tonight, but I am missing it because my husband isn't here and because I have to work.
  • They have us doing inventory on New Years many people are going to be counting hung over? Probably not me because I highly doubt I will have a sitter that night...
I would like to take a minute and thank one of my blog readers! Thank you for texting me all night and helping me be a little less lonely. Next time I'll try not to fall asleep while we're texting. HA! You're a great friend and an awesome listener.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Days vs Nights

The days are fine, we get through them with no issues. We hang out at home, run errands, and if the tv is on it's on cartoons. We go out with friends, go to the library, walk around the mall. That's the easy part!

The hard part comes when the sun goes down, after the kids are in bed, and the chores are done for the day. When I sit here alone and all I want to do is cry. At this point I'm not even sure what I'm crying over anymore. All I know is it's so lonely, it hurts, probably more than it should. It shouldn't be this hard.

We text all day, it makes it easier, but once that time comes when the texts stop, that's when the tears start. I miss you! I love you! I want you here, but I know why you're not.

Okay okay, enough woe is me for one night. I just had to put that out there.

In other news...I scored a free haircut today!!! And Tuesday I will be getting it colored...again for free!!!! It looks fantastic, but no pictures on the blog until it's completely done.

Thursday Thankfuls

Today I am thankful for...
  • My new job!!!
  • My children of course, there is nothing better than slobbery kisses first thing in the morning followed by an "I luh loo mommy" and a big bear hug.
  • My friends!!!! Thank you all for being there for me, listening to me bitch, letting me cry. You're all so incredible and I love each and every one of you.
  • My blog readers, you all rock
  • My mom and sister for offering to babysit the boys for me while I work and the occasional "personal day"
I know there are more, but Mason is trying to eat the laptop so for now I must go.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Tomorrow is Wednesday!!!!
  • Mason has been running a fever today. I think it finally broke during his last nap.
  • I heard a pretty cool song today, hopefully I can figure out how to make it where I can post it for you all to hear.
  • Pretty sure I'm losing weight again, but I don't have a scale to check. The new jeans my mom bought me when we were all in Abilene (ya know the ones I bought in the JUNIORS section) are too big to the point they are falling off of me now!!!!
  • Living away from Bob isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I mean I miss him and all, but it's not as hard as I thought it would be.
  • The apartment is finally clean!!!!
  • Did I mention tomorrow is Wednesday???
  • Ty seems to be over his stomach bug, I on the other hand am STILL having bouts of nausea now and then. Like this morning when I was drinking my Coke Zero Vanilla...WTF?
  • I need to make a grocery list
  • I'm going to make said list now...That's it for Tuesday thoughts this week!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My First Day!!

Today was great! I was nervous for no reason. It did go by pretty slow, but that's because we were so slow today. I bet we only had 5 or 6 customers. It was nice though because I feel I learned more since we were slow and Joy could take more time to answer questions.

I'm familiar with the store now since I spent most of the night doing "replen" (that would be stocking lol) and returns. I've also got the register down, the only thing I haven't done are gift cards and checks. Since I was closing I also got to assist with the deposit and had to do some cleaning.

Today also happens to be the first day of the new pay period so I started at the perfect time. We get paid every two weeks and I get a 40% discount on regular priced items!!!!

I also had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home. My mom and Matt were watching the boys and they cooked dinner, did my dishes, and cleaned the apartment. YAY!!! Mason was sleeping when I got home and Patrick wasn't far behind. It's so nice to come home to a clean and QUIET apartment. Thanks!!!!

I also had some text messages that made me smile when I took my little break. I really appreciate that!!!! You made my night :)

And now it's time for bed!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monday Madness

This week actually isn't so bad (or at least it's not supposed to be).

Of course Monday is day 1 at Gymboree. I know I've said it 382029 times, but I am so excited and nervous.
Tuesday will be spent cleaning this apartment. Patrick, Mason, and Ty have taken over and I still have some unpacking to do.
Wednesday...Yeah, Wednesday :)
Thursday is pretty exciting too!!! I'll be making a car payment WOOO!!!!!
Friday I'm closing and then picking up the stepdaughter
Saturday is grocery shopping day!!! I am looking forward to actually having food in the house for me. My kitchen is slowly being taken over by Gerber Puffs, spaghetti os, and hot dogs.
Sunday I'll be trying my hand at making tamales and then taking Lindsey back home.

Day 1 is Officially Behind Us

We managed to survive day one without daddy. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but we'll see how today goes.

We ended up going to Lewisville with a friend to look for some books at the library. They didn't have either of the books I wanted *lame* so we headed back to Arlington. We had plans to stop at Grapevine Mills Mall with another friend of mine, but Mason was NOT happy so we skipped that part of the day. We stopped and got the boys chicken nuggets and french fries and then came back to the house and watched tv and played with the boys and Ty.

Speaking of Ty, he is not feeling well. I have been outside with him every hour since midnight and I had to clean a huge mess out of his bed this morning. I hope it's nothing serious and maybe he just ate something he shouldn't have.

My phone decided it didn't want to work right last night. I wasn't getting texts unless I stood outside and made a phone call and then they would all come flooding in. When I actually would get a text there would be a 7 minute delay in when it said it was sent and when I actually got it. I swear I have the worst luck with phones. So far this morning it seems to be working fine. I am getting texts and mine are actually sending.

Mason is awake already, happy as a clam, just chilling and screaming away in the pack n play, playing with the flashlight. Patrick is still sleeping, and for once I think Ty is actually sleeping because he isn't whining.

Nothing on the agenda for today really, I need new batteries for the remote control and I am out of Coke Zero Vanilla (oh the horror!!!!!)

Tomorrow I start the new job at Gymboree!!! I am so excited, but nervous still. I'll be training this week and then next week I'll be good to go. Since my husband is gone I hope somebody is awake and willing to text after I get off work so I can talk about how the first day went.

I think I am going to try to get some more sleep now, please wake me when it's Wednesday!!! IMYLM...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Day Has Come

Bob left about half an hour ago. I was doing okay with it...UNTIL Patrick started crying, at which point I totally lost it. Patrick and I laid in the bed for a bit and just held each other and cried.

We're going to get out of the house today. I need to go to the library and find a new shirt to wear to work on Monday. Also waiting to hear back from a friend about going walking in Grapevine. Tomorrow we'll probably just hang around the house all day. I can't wait until Cindy gets back from Florida so we can get together.

I am looking forward to Wednesday the most. I have plans and I hope the coming days go by fast. It's going to be a great day!!!!!!

Gotta admit that I am jealous of Bob though because it's like 80 degrees down there right now. I am not jealous of the fact he's going down there right before Christmas. Not only does he have to deal with the Winter Texans, but he gets to deal with all the extra holiday shoppers coming over from Mexico. NO THANKS!!! That place is a mad house this time of year.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I CAN do this!!!

After my emotional morning I've decided that I CAN do this. The boys and I will be fine. I'll work and spend my free time with my boys. We'll go on play dates and spend time with friends. We'll have lunch dates and shopping trips.

Our weekends when daddy is home will be extra special. I will video tape Mason when he starts walking so Bob can see. We'll talk to daddy on the phone, and we can always go visit him sometimes too. We'll go see Cindy and Phoebe in a couple of weeks and we'll to to Arkansas to see Lindsey and Curtis next month.

We'll take it one day at a time and before we know it it will be time for daddy to come home to visit. I have the spouses group and my friends so I can get a break from the boys sometimes. My mom and sister are able to babysit for me.

I would like to thank a special blog reader and amazing friend for believing in me, listening to me, and telling me that I am strong enough to do this. And also thank you for changing the subject at the perfect time and making me smile!!!! I appreciate you very much and I am so happy you have come into my life.

So Nervous

Today is the last day Bob will be home until Christmas break. He leaves tomorrow morning for the job back in Brownsville.

I am nervous, scared, unsure, you name the emotion and I am probably feeling it right now. Can I really take care of Patrick, Mason, and Ty (not to mention myself) all day every day by myself?

Did I make the right choice by us staying here while he goes down there? I mean I got the job I was really wanting, and I DO have friends here, but was it the right choice? Part of me says heck yeah it was the right choice, but I have a anxious feeling about it. Part of me says WTF are you doing Sara?!?

The nights are going to kill me! It's going to be so quiet and lonely in the house. I can manage the days, we do that anyway, even when he's working locally. He'll miss Mason's first steps, he may miss the first birthday too depending on when he has to go back to work after the holidays. Who am I going to talk about my first day of work to? What happens in February when Mom and Matt go back on the road and I don't have anyone to watch the boys while I work?

Will Patrick understand? Will Mason remember him when he comes home?

And then there's the big one... those that know what happened Friday on our way to Arlington...what if it happens down there, when I can't be there???? What if it's worse? He swears it scared him and he's not going to do it, but how can I be sure?

Will our marriage suffer? I've been around enough "K" employees to know that way to many of them get "a little fun on the side" if you know what I mean. I mean I trust Bob, but some of you know that there have been some "issues".

I'm really hoping Bob doesn't decide today is the day to read my blog and I'm also hoping my little stalkers don't get on here today. It's really not the day for me to have to mess with that.

Can I do this on my own? Can I handle being alone every night (except for the couple nights he comes home when he can coordinate time off from both projects)? Was it the right decision?

I know nobody can answer these questions but me, but I had to get this out. Now, if only Lindsey would wake up so I could talk to her. Ugh my trip to Arkansas can't come soon enough. Luckily Cindy will be back from Florida in a few days so I'll be making a trip to Lewisville to talk to her in person too.

Thanks for "listening" to me!!!!

and just because I know you're reading this... IMYLM ILYLC

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...
  • Gymboree! I can't wait to start my new job. I'm so excited!
  • My blog readers! I've been getting more PR pitches from companies and I owe it my readers who keep my stats up so I can try out new products for you! I have a few reviews I need to write and I'll be getting right on those. Also thank you to my blog readers for continuing to vote for us on Picket Fence Blogs. I appreciate it!!!!
  • My children! I'm always thankful for my children. They make me who I am.
  • My husband being home for a few days! As much as I love them it's nice to get a break from the kids. I have plans for lunch tomorrow and I appreciate the fact that Bob can keep the kids so I can have some SARA time!
  • The person I now call my best friend! Even when you're wore out and tired beyond belief you find time to talk to me. Even when you're at work you take time out of your day to help me. Following your directions was a heck of a lot easier than trying to figure it out on my own. Even when I'm sad, you say something and instantly my smile is back. I'm beyond lucky to have you in my life! ILYLC!!!!!!!
  • My mom and Matt, for watching the boys so I can get a job! You guys rock and I appreciate you so much.
  • My phone lol even though it was quite annoying today, ha. It's hard to keep conversations straight when you're texting 4 different people lol
I know there are more, but I am barely keeping my eyes open so I better cut it short this time. I'll be back later to add more to my thankfuls.

somewhat wordless wednesday...

That's right guys!!!! I got the job!!!! I start Monday!!!!! And yes the !!!!! is necessary because I am excited!!!!!! I can't wait. It's been 19 days short of 4 years since I've worked. Nervous and excited. Thanks for all the good luck wishes and thank YOU!!!! for believing in me and telling me how much I rock and how awesome I'd be. IMYLM

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • From 7:00 to 9:30 Monday night was the looooongest 2 and a half hours ever!!!!
  • The boys and I survived our first night alone (well so far, I AM writing this on Monday night lol)
  • I actually don't have a lot on my mind for once, now had I written this earlier tonight it would have been one hot mess
  • Welcome to all my new readers from the Monday Making Friends Blog Hop!!!! I hope you enjoy what you read here and I'll be checking out all your blogs as well.
  • I should be in bed, in fact I went to bed at 10, but I got woke up by my phone telling me someone commented on my facebook so I had to check it out and then I got to talking to Lindsey and so I decided to update the blog while I did all that.
  • Why don't I turn my phone off or put it on silent? Because I get my wake up texts in the morning and I would not be happy if I missed one of those. It's been a long time since I've gotten one and now that I am getting them again I don't want to miss one. It's a perfect start to my day!!!!!
  • It's going to be a long week...

I Rock!!!!

I am 99% sure I got the job at Gymboree today!!!!!!! She told me she's going to check my references and then she'll call me to fill out new hire paper work and as long as I have them back to her by the end of the week I'll be able to start next week!!!!!

It's only part time, but something is better than nothing. My hours will depend on how good I am. She said anywhere from 8 to 20 hours a week.

I am so excited!!!!!!!

Making Friends Monday Blog Hop 11/29

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Need Some Good Luck

Remember when we would be on the message boards TTC and we'd say "sending bucket loads of baby dust" and then when we got pregnant it would change to "sending bucket loads of sticky baby dust"...

Well now I need bucket loads of get the job at Gymbo dust!!!! My interview is in 5 1/2 hours. I got the best wake up text ever this morning and I've already walked the dog, swept the floor, did the dishes, and cleaned up the bathroom. I am nervous because this is the job I really want. It's the one I've been waiting for.

Today is going to be an exceptionally long day. I have to have the boys out to my mom's at 11, back to Arlington for my interview, pick Bob up, HOPEFULLY get to Irving to pick Oscar up by 2. Then to the airport for Bob and Oscar by 2:45. Back home for a little "down time" before picking the boys up.

The last time I had both boys all night without help, Mason was just a few months old. Now that they are both getting into stuff I think I'm going to have my hands full. *sigh* So maybe some "survive the next two nights without Bob so you know you can handle the boys on your own when he goes to Brownsville" dust would come in handy too.

I'll update when I get back from my interview!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday!! Sunday!! Sunday!!

Today will be a day full of unpacking, cleaning, and driving. I also need to meet up with my mom when she gets to town so I can pick up all the stuff I left in Abilene (like my interview pants, and our sheets). Maybe after we drop Lindsey off tonight I'll try to fit some crafting in since I haven't done anything since going to Abilene. I think it's about time I make a new bow. Lindsey wants a new one, and my hair is getting long enough that I could wear one too.

My complaint for the day: Remember that HUGE bow making package I won on Halloween? Yeah, I still haven't gotten it. I sent her my new address so hopefully she sends it out soon.

Update on Hot for the Holidays weight loss challenge...
I don't have a scale at the moment so I don't know what the weight looks like, but I DO know that I haven't been following a meal plan at all. Hopefully now that I will be doing all the shopping and cooking I can get back to eating better.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today Was a Better Day Than Yesterday

Lindsey (the stepdaughter, not the BFF) and I went to Cowboys Stadium to watch Cooper play Denton Guyer. We couldn't really see Alysa because she was in the middle of the girls and they wouldn't let us sit right behind them like normal. We ended up leaving at Half Time because Cooper was losing 24-0. They ended up losing the game, so their playoff time has come to an end.

I'm slowly figuring out where everything is in Arlington. Luckily I have friends here that can help me when I get lost :p. For those that know what happened yesterday, we're all doing fine, and I don't have any news about what will come of it in the future. I'll be sure to update you all when I find out. I imagine we'll be getting a phone call soon.

The feel good moment of the day was when I went to buy Bob cigarettes, I got carded, but didn't have my ID with me because during the commotion yesterday I had to take it out of my wallet and I guess I stuffed it in the diaper bag. The guy at the gas station said ID please, I informed him I didn't have it but I gave him my birthdate, he said do you swear to God you're 27? I said I swear, he said okay since you're so beautiful I'll believe you. :)

The random moment of the day happened when Lindsey and I were leaving the apartment to head to the game, random dude in random truck waves at us as we're driving out, okay no big deal, but then when we get to the intersection another random dude in a random truck waves at us. Then driving down the freeway and ANOTHER random dude honks and waves.

Okay, and second random of the day JUST happened. The landline rings, I answer it and this chick goes "helllllooooooooo" um hi "who is this" nobody, who is this? "somebody, who is this?" ummm I have children that are sleeping maybe you shouldn't call random people "okay, bye have a good night" WTF?????

The bad part of the day is the fact that my tooth is killing me, I am in so much pain I am near tears. I feel like the whole left side of my face is swollen. I hope it goes away before Monday because I'd rather not interview with a swollen face and being in pain. Speaking of my interview I am so stoked and I really hope I get this job since I don't have any other leads at the moment. If not, I hope my mom and Matt will keep the boys next week one day so I can put more applications in.

Tomorrow we are taking Lindsey home, and Bob flies out to Omaha Monday after my interview. He'll be back on Wednesday and is taking vacation Thursday and Friday. He leaves for Brownsville on Saturday. I am scared about taking care of the boys by myself. Hopefully I am strong enough to do this. It's going to be pretty lonely at night after they go to bed, I think that's when it will all hit me. *sigh* I think I need to hear it from someone else, that i am strong enough to do it by myself and that the boys and I will be fine. It will be about three weeks before we get to see Bob again.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Randoms

  • Today was BEYOND stressful. It definitely did not go as planned.
  • I appreciate each and every friend and family member that text or called to check on me and the kids. You all helped me from losing my composure.
  • I left all my hang up clothes in Abilene..UGH Luckily my mom and Matt are bringing them to me on Sunday.
  • Today I am rocking Playboy Bunny socks!!!!
  • We're lucky the beer smells fruity or today may have taken a different turn...
  • Speaking of fruity beer, I may very well drink it all tonight...pretty sure I earned it after today
  • How far can we get on half a tank of gas and two bottles of wine??? :p :p :p BEST ANSWER EVER!!!!
  • My finger hurts... I cut it open yesterday and now it burns and is red... :(
  • The apartment is a freaking mess...I have no desire to unpack right now
  • Interview at Gymbo on Monday!!!!!!!!!!
  • I can't freaking wait until Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Finally Here!!!!


Time to leave Abilene, and head back to the Metroplex. Gotta admit that I didn't think this day would ever come. Originally we were planning on February or March for moving day, but I am so glad we're able to do this sooner. Now hopefully we can get all our stuff in one trip. My brother is taking the stroller for us and that was our biggest item. The boys will ride with me and Lindsey will ride with Bob. My mom is taking some of our stuff too so hopefully we can do this. Mr. Ty Ty will ride in the truck with Bob too, I bet he's going to miss his play buddy, Sugar.

Tomorrow we might go to Cowboys' Stadium to watch Alysa cheer. Both Abilene Cooper and Abilene High are playing there. $12 and you get in to see both games, but really I only want to go to see Alysa. After the legal troubles Cooper's football team got into at the Lubbock game last week, they will probably lose. Can't play well with 3 of your starters off the team. Ha

Speaking of Abilene's football teams, did any of you watch World of Jenks on Monday? It featured one of Abilene High's players. We watched it, and it was pretty cool that Abilene was featured.

Alright, now that I went off topic, back to talking about moving. We'll be living in Arlington now!!! I am excited because I can go back to having playdates and see my friends again. Bob will be there until Monday then he has to go to "K" Culture School in Omaha, he'll be back Wednesday and is taking vacation on Thursday and Friday. He'll leave Saturday to go back down to the Valley. We won't see him again until he gets off for Christmas.

Friday randoms will be posted later so check back. A special thank you to my readers who vote for us on Picket Fence Blogs.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving dinner was perfect...

We had a deep fried turkey, a roasted turkey, a ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, pickles, fiesta salad, cornbread salad, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, deviled eggs, brussels, and gravy.

Later we have banana pudding, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cake, and key lime pie

Pics to come soon

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving Edition

Today I am thankful for...
  • My children. I love you Kayla, Patrick, and Mason (and Michael, Casey, and Lindsey) and my "daughter" Alysa
  • My husband, thank you for working as hard as you do and for putting up with the shit you do to make sure the boys and I are taken care of
  • My mom and Matt for everything they've done for us this past week
  • The one person who can always make me smile no matter what. You know who you are, but I don't think you realize just how much you mean to me. Thank you for always being there to listen to me bitch, thank you for showing me I can be myself, thank you for still liking me even when I'm goofy. I feel like I can just relax with you and have fun. Even if when we're 100s of miles apart I feel like we're right next to each other. Thank you for being YOU!!!! Thank you for new music tastes, Those songs have helped me more than you know. Thank you for new reading tastes, thank you for...just THANK YOU!!!!
  • My family, I love you all, even though you're all a bunch of nuts HA!!!!
  • My friends, there are so many of you and I thank you for so many things, you all know who you are.
  • My blog readers, even though I know there are some people out there reading my blog I don't care I am even thankful for you.

update to wordless Wednesday


I love my mommy

I got a new phone today!!!! Thanks to Gaga (my mom) and Quack Quack (Matt). You guys are beyond awesome!!!!!!

3 days without texting was pure torture. I am glad I have a phone and double glad I have a decent phone.

Lots of good stuff happened today, and once again that ever lasting smile is back on my face.


Wordless Wednesday...


*I'll be back later to share a picture of what he looks like today.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts Part 3

  • Tonight's socks of choice are the pink and black zebra ones
  • I finally washed my car
  • I got new air fresheners too so now instead of smelling like pickles my car smells like pina coladas (better huh?)
  • No new spots on Mason today, the old ones are starting to dry up and aren't as inflamed as they were yesterday
  • He still screams when I change his diaper, but those ones will go away soon too.
  • I want cookies and milk, I hope to get some soon

Tuesday Thoughts part 2

  • I am so tired of watching the same shows at the same time every single day.
  • I'm thinking when Mason wakes up the boys and I will get out of the house again. Nana, Mom, and Matt left so the boys and I are stuck here with (or not)
  • Mason's fever broke!!!! and no fever or blisters on Patrick so far. He does have a pretty bad cough and a runny nose though.
  • I seriously need to wash my car. It's been like three weeks
  • Mason said "thank you" today, plan as day, we all heard it. It was too freaking cute
  • I found socks with ninjas on them... :) should I buy them??? lol
  • I can't wait to see Katie, Austin, and Lindsey (the stepdaughter) and meet Natalie and Jacob tomorrow. And the husband too of course.
  • I'm scared out of my mind about raising the boys on my own 90% of the time. I know I can do it, but the thought scares me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday Thougts

  • I love my new socks <3
  • Monday night's happenings were good therapy (laughter is the best medicine)
  • I still can't find the socks I really want...
  • I should go to Spencer's on Wednesday and buy that shirt...
  • I changed my idea for my tattoo...I'll share the new idea as soon as I get it worked up
  • It's freaking hot in this house
  • I totally rocked my new socks (the black ones with the neon stripes), black and red basket ball shorts, and my Astros shirt to the store on Sunday...HOTTTTTTT
  • I am sooo ready for Friday
  • I see my page views went way up again today...FUNNNNN
  • I get to see my brother and seester on Wednesday (and their other halves)
  • Striping Alysa's hair on Wednesday too
  • Everyfreakingbody is sick... Mason of course, Patrick has a runny nose and cough, Philip has strep, and nana has a sore throat. And of course there's flat matt...
  • Tonight I have on my black and white striped socks these ones are MY favorite... ;)
  • can I talk about socks anymore???Do you want me to talk about socks anymore???
  • I HATE that my phone isn't working right and I hate that it's nobody's fault but my own
  • I guess I am going to bed...
As always more Tuesday thoughts to follow when it's actually Tuesday.

Monday Madness

For now this will be our new Monday blog. A place for me to voice all the crazy stuff going on in life this week.

We still don't know what's going on with Mason. I know the spots are starting to itch because he's grabbing at them (fun when doing a diaper change lol) and screaming. Plus if you just lightly rub him where the spots are he becomes jello just completely relaxed.

My phone isn't working right. I dropped in the toilet on Saturday and now it won't receive text messages. I can send them, and I can get online, and check my email, but I don't get texts until long after they've been sent. Usually after I check my email I'll get a bunch of old texts then my phone will work for three text messages and quit again. I haven't tried to call anyone since Saturday evening so I don't know if that will causes issues as well or if I can actually use it that way.

4 more sleeps until NO MORE ABILENE!!!! I can't wait, but I have a feeling this week is going to go sooooooooo slow. Maybe with Bob, Lindsey, Katie, Jacob, Austin, and Natalie coming on Wednesday and then Thanksgiving being Thursday it will help the week go by faster.

I'm not sure how we're going to get everything back to Arlington. It took us 3 loads in the car and truck to get here (and we will have three other people to take back with us). UNLESS my mom and Matt get a truck while they're here and maybe Katie, Jacob, Austin, and Natalie will have some room to take stuff back for us too.

I need to get used to just cooking for Patrick and me. With Bob only coming to Arlington every other weekend there's going to be a lot of nights where it's just the boys and me. It's going to be hard, but I think it's time for the boys to have some stability.

I have to find a new pediatrician in Arlington and that bothers me because it took me three years to find one I like, but it will be too hard to drive from Arlington to Highland Village every time they have a doctor's appointment. Guess I better get on that since Mason will be ONE in a month and 7 days. YIKES!!!!

Random of the day... for two nights now I've woken up at 4 am starving and having the hiccups. I have no idea why, but it's a bit annoying.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Music Monday...No More

Last week I received a copy right warning in my email based on my Music Monday post. I've decided to do away with Music Monday to be sure I don't have any more issues.

I'm not sure what our Monday blog will be now, but I'm sure I can think of something good.

Tankersley Update

Seems it's been a while since I talked about how everyone is doing, so here ya go.

I just took Mason to the ER on Friday because I noticed he had fluid filled blisters. They started in his diaper area and then spread to his trunk and face. The doctor tried to tell me it was mite bites from the dogs, but the last time I checked mite bites don't give you a fever. Yesterday I noticed even more blisters on him and now they are in his diaper area, belly, back, chest, face, neck, and even the top of his head.
Those of you who've known me for a while know that Patrick had impetigo when he was 8 months old. It started out just like this, but with bigger blisters. I REALLY don't want to deal with that again. Not to mention it is so freaking contagious and we've had other kids in the house.
I can't get Mason into a pediatrician here in town, the Urgent Care Center doesn't take our insurance and I REALLY don't want to deal with the ER again. He didn't even take a culture to see if it could be something else. If he starts a fever again or they keep popping up I may just drive back to DFW so he can see his pediatrician. He's in good spirits though so that makes me happy. I just hope he gets over this (whatever THIS is) soon.

Oh and he weighs 22 pounds as of Friday

Patrick has slowly started the potty learning process again. Only problem is when we move on Friday will he regress again? His favorite words are currently "No" and "huh?". He's having issues with there being too many authority figures in the house and he's started to act out like all of the other kids. I cannot wait for the move. Other than that he's doing really good. I DO need to have him tested for food allergies because I think he may have a problem with red coloring in food. It messes with his belly like chocolate does and we're going through WAY TOO MANY diapers.

Mommy and Daddy:
Bob got a phone call from his boss yesterday...
He'll no longer be working on the DART project in Irving. He'll be back down in the Valley working on...well that's not important, but he'll be shuffled back and forth between Brownsville and Eagle Pass. Because he'll be split between two projects and other reasons, the boys and I will be staying in Arlington.
I am still wanting a job and I won't be able to work in McAllen because I won't have anyone to watch the boys. In Arlington I still have my mom close by. Not to mention Bob said he's glad I finally made friends IRL (ha) and he doesn't want me to have to start all over again.
The boys and I will be stable in Arlington and Bob will come home every other weekend. He leaves December 4th and I won't see him until they get out for the holiday break. This also means a bit of a pay raise. Now granted the pay raise will all go toward Bob's rent and groceries, but once I start working it's going to be great.

One weekend that Bob doesn't come home I'm planning a trip to Arkansas to see Lindsey and Curtis.

Speaking of Lindsey, as you may or may not know, my stepdaughter is also Lindsey. They are having her tested for diabetes on Tuesday. I am scared for her because I KNOW how scary that is. She's 11 so I can only imagine what it will be like for her.

Other than that I guess we're all doing fantastic.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Randoms

  • I have an amazing blog post worked out in my head, but I can't publicize it yet. So for now it will remain a secret until one day I'll be able to shout it from the roof tops.
  • I had crab for breakfast then followed it up with some left over cookie dough
  • I've been up for an hour and already I've changed and fed the boys, got dressed, ate breakfast, and made cookies.
  • I made Christmas cookies and I'll share pictures with you when they are all pretty
  • SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I've put over 8000 miles on my car since July 31st
  • SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I want popcorn (that goes good with crab and cookie dough right?)
  • SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Something incredible happened a month ago
  • I want to play bingo
  • Have I mentioned that I'm LEAVING ABILENE IN SIX DAYS???!!!!!?????

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Thankfuls

Today I am thankful for...
  • My beautiful children. It's so hard to believe Kayla is almost 11. Patrick is growing up to be such a little man, and I really can't believe Mason will be 1 next month.
  • My mom and Matt for everything they've done for us these last few days. We really appreciate you.
  • Nana for watching the boys while I'm out of town for whatever reason.
  • THURSDAY!!!! Only one more week and then I get to get to move to Arlington.
  • My faithful blog readers, checking us out every day no matter what's going on in your life. <3 <3 <3
  • Lindsey, for understanding, knowing how I'm feeling, listening to me bitch, asking how I'm holding up, and giving me something to talk about to keep my mind on other stuff. I <3 you and tadpole
  • Text messaging. It's amazing how one little text can make me smile
There's a ton more, but Mason has decided 5 am is a great time to wake up...

I'd also like to say "I'm thinking of you" and "IMYLM"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photo Shoot

Mommy and Patrick
Mommy and Kayla
Mommy and the kids
Mommy and Mason
So handsome
"Boo" "Noses" and "Skeeber"
My babies
I LOVE this shot of Mason

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Goofy edition!!!! It's been one of those days. LOL

More Tuesday Thoughts

  • I can't sleep. I tossed and turned all night, waking every hour or so, hoping it was morning so I could get out of bed.
  • I had some pretty realistic dreams and even a nightmare or two.
  • I'm NEVER eating fried food again. I still feel like I chugged a bucket of grease from last night's dinner. UGH
  • I think I'm taking my mom and Matt to look at cars today and I imagine we'll end up at Hobby Lobby.
  • Maybe I can convince them to play bingo tonight...
  • It feels like Saturday not Tuesday. I wish it was Saturday
  • Speaking of fried food... fried alligator, fried oysters, grilled shrimp, jalapeno cornbread, and french fries TOTALLY fall in my high fiber, high protein, low carb diet...HA!!!!
  • I'm sure I'll have more thoughts to share later.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I'm not even sure where to start with my thoughts today. My mind is so full right now, I'm not positive I can even sort through it all.
  • A good friend of mine just had their first baby today (Monday) and I am soooo excited and happy for them, but I can't help but feel just a teeny bit of jealousy.
  • Between the new baby and my BFF being pregnant I have some SERIOUS baby fever going on right now.
  • I had a great lunch today :) and my mom and Matt took me to dinner at a cajun place in Arlington.
  • I think tonight is going to be a night I turn the iPod up and leave it on all night while I sleep. Hopefully Mason agrees with this plan and doesn't wake up until morning.
  • I think I'm going to go to bed. I'll be back tomorrow with more Tuesday Thoughts.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


So I decided to log into Myspace today just to see what has changed over there. I started looking at my blog on there and I came across the story of the night I got stuck in the elevator. Here it is...WARNING!!!!! There is bad language in here since I just copy and pasted it.

Yeah so we are doing laundry today and it was time to go down stairs to get the clothes out of the dryer--Bob decides he is gonna take the stairs--me thinking I can beat him I decide to take the elevator--- WRONG CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!
I hit the button to go from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor and the elevator starts up and down I go just like normal---
BUT THEN--------
When I get to the first floor the door doesn't fucking open!!!!!!

So I am sitting there in the elevator and I can't get out--Bob is on the First floor talking to me thru the doors--He goes and gets the courtesy officer and they are outside the doors making jokes trying to keep me calm--they call the fire department and they finally get there and
The stupid ass fire man knocks on the damn door--hello what the fuck am I supposed to do????? Answer the damn door????? HELLO??? can we say
stupid ass
So they finally get me out---(now let me tell you that the little door that holds the phone in the elevator got bent last week by the carpet layers) and the fire man was like ummmmm what exactly did you do when you got in the elevator????
ugggghhhhhh hello????? what the hell do you think I did? kick the hell outta tha phone door???? uhhhhhh nah---- prolly not stupid-----(THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS AS HE IS ASKING ME)
All I did was get in the elevator and push the button!!!!
But now I am done venting---I just wanted to share my story--so yeah not only am I fearful of stairwells now I am fearful of elevators---so what the hell am I supposed to do? Stay in the apartment all tha time??? Fuck that---I will take the stairs--just carry a knife for those perverted lurkers who hide in stair wells.


Since being in Abilene I haven't had to cook. It's been nice, but at the same time I've been wanting to get back in the kitchen. I decided to cook breakfast this morning.

Eggs, pork sausage, and biscuits and gravy. Here's some pics of the yumminess. The first one is Bob's plate and the second one is my plate. Later I'm making fudge...because you should never go to the store hungry. Probably should have gotten something for Patrick to eat since he can't have chocolate.

And you betcha I'll post pics of the fudge when I make it.