Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Thankfuls

I am thankful for...

Good friends! Yesterday was the perfect day. I had an exceptionally wonderful morning. Breakfast with an AHH-MAZING friend. Then I did laundry and because the boys weren't home yet I got it done in a decent amount of time (not to mention Bob wasn't there "helping"). I had lunch with another good friend and then we did some Christmas shopping.

My husband coming home in less than a week. But then again the tears from the boys are going to suck again when he leaves.

Cindy!!! Her baby shares a birthday with my baby so we'll be going over there for cake to celebrate the babies. I'm glad we won't be alone on Mason's birthday.

Nana, and Papa for watching the boys this week. It sucked driving all the way out there for a sitter, but it was a nice break.

Katie, thanks for watching the boys tonight so I can do the "K" spouses ornament exchange. ILY

Bethany, the new part time sitter, for keeping the boys Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, I am thankful for my first, TOTALLY AWESOME, Christmas present, that I get to use on Saturday. I am also thankful for the chance to make new friends.

I am thankful that our new family members, Sonja and Jaime, made it safely here from Germany. I hope my uncle gets here just as safe on Saturday.

I am thankful for car payments :)

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