Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Day Has Come

Bob left about half an hour ago. I was doing okay with it...UNTIL Patrick started crying, at which point I totally lost it. Patrick and I laid in the bed for a bit and just held each other and cried.

We're going to get out of the house today. I need to go to the library and find a new shirt to wear to work on Monday. Also waiting to hear back from a friend about going walking in Grapevine. Tomorrow we'll probably just hang around the house all day. I can't wait until Cindy gets back from Florida so we can get together.

I am looking forward to Wednesday the most. I have plans and I hope the coming days go by fast. It's going to be a great day!!!!!!

Gotta admit that I am jealous of Bob though because it's like 80 degrees down there right now. I am not jealous of the fact he's going down there right before Christmas. Not only does he have to deal with the Winter Texans, but he gets to deal with all the extra holiday shoppers coming over from Mexico. NO THANKS!!! That place is a mad house this time of year.

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