Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I would like to take a minute and say Merry Christmas to all my amazing blog readers. I hope your holidays go well and everyone stays safe and warm.

For those that don't know, on Thursday my brother and his girlfriend were in a terrible accident after leaving a bar. The hit an abandoned car on the side of the highway. I will spare you the pictures. My brother was arrested and charged with intoxication assault. He spent the night in the city jail before our mom and his dad bonded him out. His girlfriends was extracted using the Jaws of Life and transported to the hospital. She surgery on Friday morning. Her femur was fractured and the surgeons put a steel rod in, her hip was cracked and they put a screw in, her tendons are sticking out of her pinky, she has a pretty bad concussion, and her face is pretty swollen.

My mom and Matt drove in from Abilene last night to be there for Austin and Natalie. After determining that everything is good, considering, they drove back in to Abilene last night. Austin is spending Christmas at the hospital with Natalie.

As far as Christmas for us, we're spending it with my family in Abilene (as we do every year). We're waiting for the rest of the adults to wake up so the kiddies can open their presents. I am so excited for Mason's first Christmas. I plan on taking many pictures. Most of them will be on Facebook, but I will post a couple here as well.

Merry Christmas!!!! Be safe!!!!

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