Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monday Madness

This week actually isn't so bad (or at least it's not supposed to be).

Of course Monday is day 1 at Gymboree. I know I've said it 382029 times, but I am so excited and nervous.
Tuesday will be spent cleaning this apartment. Patrick, Mason, and Ty have taken over and I still have some unpacking to do.
Wednesday...Yeah, Wednesday :)
Thursday is pretty exciting too!!! I'll be making a car payment WOOO!!!!!
Friday I'm closing and then picking up the stepdaughter
Saturday is grocery shopping day!!! I am looking forward to actually having food in the house for me. My kitchen is slowly being taken over by Gerber Puffs, spaghetti os, and hot dogs.
Sunday I'll be trying my hand at making tamales and then taking Lindsey back home.

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