Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...
  • Gymboree! I can't wait to start my new job. I'm so excited!
  • My blog readers! I've been getting more PR pitches from companies and I owe it my readers who keep my stats up so I can try out new products for you! I have a few reviews I need to write and I'll be getting right on those. Also thank you to my blog readers for continuing to vote for us on Picket Fence Blogs. I appreciate it!!!!
  • My children! I'm always thankful for my children. They make me who I am.
  • My husband being home for a few days! As much as I love them it's nice to get a break from the kids. I have plans for lunch tomorrow and I appreciate the fact that Bob can keep the kids so I can have some SARA time!
  • The person I now call my best friend! Even when you're wore out and tired beyond belief you find time to talk to me. Even when you're at work you take time out of your day to help me. Following your directions was a heck of a lot easier than trying to figure it out on my own. Even when I'm sad, you say something and instantly my smile is back. I'm beyond lucky to have you in my life! ILYLC!!!!!!!
  • My mom and Matt, for watching the boys so I can get a job! You guys rock and I appreciate you so much.
  • My phone lol even though it was quite annoying today, ha. It's hard to keep conversations straight when you're texting 4 different people lol
I know there are more, but I am barely keeping my eyes open so I better cut it short this time. I'll be back later to add more to my thankfuls.

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