Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Madness

This week seems to be a bit more hectic than last, but I'm looking forward to the change.

  • Today we're going to meet a potential new part time sitter. Her first time watching the boys will be Saturday.
  • Today I am driving the boys to Abilene---Hopefully, if I can manage to have enough gas to get there and back.
  • I might be picking up an extra shift tonight to help them finish the new floor set. Speaking of floor sets...I rocked the kid girl section last night. Thanks to me the sweater table looks FANTASTIC, even though we didn't think we'd have enough sweaters to pull it off.
  • Tomorrow I have a hair appointment in Dallas to finish up from Thursday
  • Working tomorrow night!!!!!!
  • Wednesday I think I have lunch plans in Fort Worth---
  • My mommy is bringing the boys back with her from Abilene on Wednesday.
  • Thursday I am hoping I have lunch plans, and then I'm probably going to Lewisville to see Cindy.
  • Thursday night is the "K" spouses ornament exchange out in Keller. *note to self* GET WINE!!!!!!
  • Working Friday night!!!!
  • Saturday will be spent making new friends :)
The week will also be full of laundry, dishes, giving Ty a bath, washing my car, making tamales, baking cookies for Saturday, cleaning, and of course cuddles with my boys.

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