Sunday, December 26, 2010

It was a great Christmas

Although we had our share of drama here yesterday it was a great Christmas.

Santa brought Patrick big boy underwear (from Gymboree of course lol) and he wore a pair for most of the day and had no accidents. I love that little man. Today though he is covered head to toe in a rash. Apparently my children are allergic to Abilene... I don't blame them HA!

Mason took three steps from Uncle Donnie to me last night. BEST.CHRISTMAS.PRESENT.EVER!!!

Today is Mason's birthday party. I picked up his smash cake this morning and I am making the "eating cake" as I write this. I will take pictures, of course, and post them some time this week. I forgot my transfer cable at home so all photos will have to wait.

We're heading back to Arlington today after we drop Lindsey off in Weatherford. Bob heads back to McAllen tomorrow and back to work for me tomorrow as well.

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