Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday Thougts

  • I love my new socks <3
  • Monday night's happenings were good therapy (laughter is the best medicine)
  • I still can't find the socks I really want...
  • I should go to Spencer's on Wednesday and buy that shirt...
  • I changed my idea for my tattoo...I'll share the new idea as soon as I get it worked up
  • It's freaking hot in this house
  • I totally rocked my new socks (the black ones with the neon stripes), black and red basket ball shorts, and my Astros shirt to the store on Sunday...HOTTTTTTT
  • I am sooo ready for Friday
  • I see my page views went way up again today...FUNNNNN
  • I get to see my brother and seester on Wednesday (and their other halves)
  • Striping Alysa's hair on Wednesday too
  • Everyfreakingbody is sick... Mason of course, Patrick has a runny nose and cough, Philip has strep, and nana has a sore throat. And of course there's flat matt...
  • Tonight I have on my black and white striped socks these ones are MY favorite... ;)
  • can I talk about socks anymore???Do you want me to talk about socks anymore???
  • I HATE that my phone isn't working right and I hate that it's nobody's fault but my own
  • I guess I am going to bed...
As always more Tuesday thoughts to follow when it's actually Tuesday.

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