Sunday, November 14, 2010


So I decided to log into Myspace today just to see what has changed over there. I started looking at my blog on there and I came across the story of the night I got stuck in the elevator. Here it is...WARNING!!!!! There is bad language in here since I just copy and pasted it.

Yeah so we are doing laundry today and it was time to go down stairs to get the clothes out of the dryer--Bob decides he is gonna take the stairs--me thinking I can beat him I decide to take the elevator--- WRONG CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!
I hit the button to go from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor and the elevator starts up and down I go just like normal---
BUT THEN--------
When I get to the first floor the door doesn't fucking open!!!!!!

So I am sitting there in the elevator and I can't get out--Bob is on the First floor talking to me thru the doors--He goes and gets the courtesy officer and they are outside the doors making jokes trying to keep me calm--they call the fire department and they finally get there and
The stupid ass fire man knocks on the damn door--hello what the fuck am I supposed to do????? Answer the damn door????? HELLO??? can we say
stupid ass
So they finally get me out---(now let me tell you that the little door that holds the phone in the elevator got bent last week by the carpet layers) and the fire man was like ummmmm what exactly did you do when you got in the elevator????
ugggghhhhhh hello????? what the hell do you think I did? kick the hell outta tha phone door???? uhhhhhh nah---- prolly not stupid-----(THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS AS HE IS ASKING ME)
All I did was get in the elevator and push the button!!!!
But now I am done venting---I just wanted to share my story--so yeah not only am I fearful of stairwells now I am fearful of elevators---so what the hell am I supposed to do? Stay in the apartment all tha time??? Fuck that---I will take the stairs--just carry a knife for those perverted lurkers who hide in stair wells.

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