Monday, November 1, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

This is a new feature on my blog. It's going to be similar to the Friday Randoms, but instead of random things about me it will be random thoughts. So let's start off our first Tuesday thoughts today.

*I think I am getting a tattoo. I am waiting to hear back from my cousin about the logistics of where, when, and how much. It will be MUCH cheaper than walking into a shop. I originally wanted to get it done when I got back to DFW because I'd like someone to be there with me, but logistically that might be hard to accomplish so I am hoping to get it done before I leave Abilene.

*9 days until my birthday!!! I'l be 27 woohoo

*I am out of Vanilla Coke Zero and we can't have that. Looks like I need to go to the store.

*I am sad the Rangers lost :( and I will never forget the first game of the series. I had so much fun that night :D

*I am craving milk and cookies something fierce :)

*I think I want to put jewelry back in some of my piercings. I hope I can still pull it off. I wish my eyebrow wasn't shot because I really liked that one, but it was ripped so there is no way to get that one back in

*I can't wait until Friday so I can get out of Abilene

*I am so ready for the 10th and 11th to be here too. The 10th because of the KFS quarterly dinner and the 11th because I get to spend my birthday with some very special people.

I'm sure I'll add more to this post or do a part 2 later on, but this is all I got for now.

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