Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Randoms

  • Today was BEYOND stressful. It definitely did not go as planned.
  • I appreciate each and every friend and family member that text or called to check on me and the kids. You all helped me from losing my composure.
  • I left all my hang up clothes in Abilene..UGH Luckily my mom and Matt are bringing them to me on Sunday.
  • Today I am rocking Playboy Bunny socks!!!!
  • We're lucky the beer smells fruity or today may have taken a different turn...
  • Speaking of fruity beer, I may very well drink it all tonight...pretty sure I earned it after today
  • How far can we get on half a tank of gas and two bottles of wine??? :p :p :p BEST ANSWER EVER!!!!
  • My finger hurts... I cut it open yesterday and now it burns and is red... :(
  • The apartment is a freaking mess...I have no desire to unpack right now
  • Interview at Gymbo on Monday!!!!!!!!!!
  • I can't freaking wait until Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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