Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ask the Blogger answers part 1

Since I can't sleep I'll go ahead and answer some of the questions. Feel free to keep them coming and I'll do a round two answer post.

*If you were stuck on an island what 4 things would you want to have (not people): My laptop (with internet service), a brush, unlimited coke zero, and a good book

*If you had to chose one song to describe your life what would it be?: This one may get me in trouble but I'd have to say "Is There Life Out There" by Reba. Although if you were to ask someone else what song describes my life I've been told "Hypnotize the Moon" by Clay Walker by more than one man (ha)

*Do you have any secrets you've posted on your blog that nobody in your real life know? Not really, but I do give secret shout outs in some of my posts. The person in the shout out knows it's about them, but I doubt if anyone else knows.

*What's your favorite color? Hot pink and black (I also like lime green, white, and bright orange)

*Did you have any nicknames growing up? HAHAHA yes, I had a nickname it's quite embarrassing to be honest, but my family used to call me beaner growing up. Nice huh? My friends used to call me Starlight in middle school

*Why doesn't your daughter live with you when you're not in Abilene? Hey I said anything goes so here ya go... She doesn't want to, plain and simple. Ask her where she wants to live and she wants to stay right where she is. We had planned on her moving in with us this past Summer, but she was heartbroken so we didn't force the issue.

*How long have you been married? Bob and I got married June 25th 2004 so just a bit over 6 years

*Is it your first marriage? No it is not, I married right out of high school and we split after 13 months of marriage. Our divorce was final in March 2004.

*What high school did you go to? My freshman year I went to Richland High in North Richland Hills, Tx. My sophomore year I went to Birdville High in North Richland Hills. My junior and senior years I went to Abilene High in Abilene, Tx.

*Who's your best friend? This question got me thinking because there for a long time I didn't really have anyone I could call a friend let alone a best friend. I'd have to say my BEST friend (meaning the one that I can tell ANYTHING to) would have to be Lindsey, with a close second going to Cindy (although I can tell her ANYTHING too, we just haven't known each other as long), I also consider Brittay, Monica, and Vicky good E-friends meaning they know a lot about my life but we've never met. There is one other person that I can open up and share my whole life with and they know who they are (here's one of those secret shout outs I mentioned earlier lol)

I'll be back to post round 2 answers later today. Thanks to all my readers that sent in questions, please keep them coming I enjoyed answering them.

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