Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm too young for this

I never thought I'd have to have the "you're not emo" talk with Kayla. I mean she's 10 years old. Is this really something that 10 year olds know about these days? Does ANYONE really know what emo really is?

The school is concerned with the books she likes to read, I say hey at least she's reading. Granted she IS reading books that are too old for her, but she is reading the same books that I would read. I am not concerned with her reading choices.

I AM concerned with her thinking she needs to be something she isn't to impress people. I hope what we talked about today sinks in and she realizes she just needs to be KAYLA and not what anyone else thinks she should be. I KNOW she is capable of making good grades and being a good child.

My fear is I didn't get away with half of what she does and I got pregnant at 15. If she keeps this up, what trouble is she going to get into?

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