Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Randoms

*I put my tongue ring back in, my tongue was pretty swollen after so I took it out last night. I put it back in this morning and so far it's not swollen or sore anymore.

*I met a guy yesterday that just got a tattoo on his side where I want mine. Dude is cut and he said it hurt like a b**ch. Now I'm scared to get mine

*I had a dream last night that someone told me they wanted me to go to New York with them for 2 weeks. And I don't mean Cindy...LOL (IMYLM)

*On one hand I am jealous of my BFF right now, but on the other hand I'd probably pass out if I was in that position.
I love you girl and I'm here ANY TIME.

*I had WAY.TOO.MUCH to drink at the spouses dinner. Pretty sure I sent drunk texts, and I don't remember anything that happened after I got to Bob's apartment. Pretty sure I fell asleep at the wrong time though...

*I think my Friday Random post today took on more of a Tuesday Thoughts approach...oh well

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