Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I miss him!
  • My dad is coming to pick the boys up on Thursday. I'm sure that'll piss Bob off because they'll be there for Father's Day so they won't be calling him. 
  • I wish I could spend my kid free time with E but he is helping his brother this weekend
  • I'll probably go out and watch mom, Donna, Debbie, and Janie play darts at Red's then end up doing karaoke with Donna at The Armadillo on Thursday then just sitting at home the rest of the weekend.
  • Lindsey goes home tomorrow
  • After having 3 kids by myself for 3 weeks I am so ready for this break and I love my dad, sister, and step mom for taking them
  • I look forward to 3:00-3:30 every day so I can hear from him. He works over night 
  • I need to get back to the gym
  • I did some major couponing on Sunday. I saved 47% at Tom Thumb and Kroger and saved $15 at Albertsons. I now have a little stock pile going and I love it!!!!! E's proud of me too and that is awesome <3 <3 <3 

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