Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Now that I have constant internet access I'll be blogging more often. I've missed it and I've had so much going on it's crazy... Here is an update post.

Mason: Skeeber is two now. We didn't have a party this year, but we did do cake with the family. We've started the potty training process, but it's taking a while just as it did with Patrick. Mason had a great Christmas and was spoiled beyond belief. He's talking more and no longer needs speech therapy. No more pacifier either. YAY!!!

Patrick: Boo is four and is so smart. He remember everything you've ever said. HA! He's into Cars, Toy Story, Yankees, and Dallas Stars. We took the boys to their first hockey game today. They had so much fun. Patrick should be starting school this Fall. He's excited.

Daniel: Daniel is almost done with school. I can't wait until that's over with. Other than that there really isn't much going on with him.

Baby Carey: The pregnancy is on week 20 now and going well. We just found out I have Gestational Diabetes again...for the third time. It sucks, but I figured it was coming. We find out the sex soon. Everyone thinks it's a girl, but we'll see. I'll post our big reveal after the family knows. The name is a secret though. The due date is June 2nd, but I think (s)he'll come before May 26th. Just a feeling I have. I can feel movement, but Daddy hasn't been able to feel any yet. I'm wondering if I should change the name of the blog since we're adding a bug to the mix, but I don't like "Skeeberboobug" HAHA!

Me: I'm still working at Gymboree, but I quit Dollar General. The stress level was just too much for me, plus since we moved it was wayyyy too much gas and time getting to and from work. I'm glad to be back at Gymboree, I missed my family there. Although I have to admit, if I have a girl, I'm going to go totally broke working there. I'm exhausted all the time and I'm super emotional during this pregnancy...way more than I was with the boys.

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