Monday, September 13, 2010

Been MIA

Sorry to all of my readers for being MIA. Life happened and it happened hard and fast. It still isn't 100% better, hell it's not even 70% better, but it's getting there. I can't really discuss it yet for fear of the wrong people seeing it, but basically I am waiting on hopefully three good things to happen.

1. I know will happen for sure and will involve money :). Just have to wait about 5 months
2. I am pretty positive will happen next year and will also involve money sort of and eventually will lead to a lifestyle change.
3. Well 3 is just a "forecast" so it may or may not happen

In other news...

Boo turned three on Saturday. We had it party yesterday and it was a pretty good turn out. It was his first party that involved guests that weren't family. We just had it at the lake, there was a playground and you could go swimming if you wanted to. We had a HUGE cake but it melted :( just before we ate it because it was pretty hot out. He got legos, clothes, a BUNCH of Hot Wheels, and two shake and go cars (Buzz and Woody).

In the land of Skeebs...
Mason is on his way to 9 months old and I have no idea where the time goes. He shows no interest in crawling, but he can clap, wave, and say hi, mama, da da, and bubba. We're still trying to get money saved/raised to help with his DOC-band. He needs to get it ASAP or it may not help him. He is such a good boy though and is mostly on table foods now. He still gets purees sometimes and of course his beloved bottle.

So sorry I've been MIA and I'll try to blog more often. I tend to throw myself in a hole and don't come out when it comes to stressful times in my life. Right now is the most stress I've seen in a long time, but I'm hoping it doesn't last long.

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