Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This once a month blogging isn't gonna cut it

Has it really been a month since I blogged? I can't believe it. It's already October. Where has 2010 gone? Mason is over 9 months old. He's crawling backwards and trying to pull up on the furniture. EEK!

In other news we welcomed a new member to our family. His name is Ty and he was born in March.

Patrick had his first dentist appointment on Tuesday and he did so good. He even stood still for the X-rays.

Did I tell you I cut all my hair off? It's actually been a couple months since I cut it all off, but since I have turned into a once a month blogger (haha) I don't think I've shared it with y'all yet (unless your on my facebook, then this is old news to you).
I've had a couple people ask about my weight loss journey since I haven't mentioned it much lately. Well I'm sad to say I am at a stand still. I actually started gaining a little bit back. I'm still below where I started, but I am up from the lowest I got. Buying the car threw a wrench in our gym going. We hope to join up again in January and get back into it. I even had to throw about $300 in supplements away because they had sat for so long. It made me want to cry lol. I miss the days of going to the gym. I miss the feel of my muscles pulling. I miss stepping on the scale and being happy about what I saw. I even miss the days of boiled eggs, plain potatoes, and chicken. I've been eating like crap and it makes me sad. I know I have the will power to eat healthy. I HAVE to start again.

We have district meeting in January and I NEED to be dress shopping ready by December. Not to mention Bob has culture school next month and he needs to fit in his meeting clothes. Yes, even Bob has started getting a little thicker around the middle since we fell off the wagon. *sigh*

Other than that I guess there really isn't much going on in the Tankersley home.
Oh you may have figured out I got rid of the facebook page. You can still keep up with Mason's progress on Mason's Page on FB and I started a new page. Search for Skeeberbootique.

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