Thursday, October 21, 2010

I haz a sad

So due to some personal issues it looks like the boys and I will be moving out to West Texas for maybe 5 months. Hopefully less, but no more. Bob will stay here in DFW and come home on the weekends. The boys and I will also be coming back here twice a week because I refuse to give up my friends and play dates.

I finally met my Arlington reader and I enjoy our new play dates. I will also be coming back for any spouse functions, taking my mom and Matt to his doctor appointments, and any time I get a wild hair up my butt and want to come.

It's only 2-3 hours drive so not too bad really. This will save us quite a bit of money too so that's a plus.

Sucks that I won't have my husband home every night, but like I've heard myself saying a lot tonight. What can ya do?

I am not very happy, and I was angry there for a while. I'm probably awaiting a ticket for running a red light...umm yeah let's not tell Bob this part haha. I wasn't paying attention. I was crying, and I shouldn't have been driving.

I am going to miss my friends, but I promise I will see you all when I come to town.

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