Friday, October 29, 2010

Can I survive the next 4 weeks?

My children have evolved into non sleeping, non minding, terrors. The house isn't quiet after 8 like ours was. Between Kayla's tv, the tv in the living room, two dogs, a cat, and a grumpy old man there is no such thing as quiet. Mason and Patrick haven't napped right since we've been here. Patrick only gets a few hours of sleep a night.

I HATE sleeping alone. No that's not true...I LOVE sleeping alone, when I'm in a big bed with tons of room. I don't have that here. I sleep on the couch. Which isn't bad, but I'd much rather be in a bed.

Add to this the fact that Mason is a teething beast and the only thing that has ever helped him are the Hyland Teething Tablets. Too bad they've been recalled. Tylenol isn't cutting it anymore and he is miserable which means everyone else is miserable too. If you've ever met my grandfather you know a screaming baby is not on the top of his list of things to listen to.

It's not like I can just get in the car and drive somewhere like I did in DFW. There isn't anything here. I've long lost touch with any friends I had here.

The ONLY thing keeping me sane is my upcoming trips to DFW. I wish I could go every day. Just turn up the radio and drive. *sigh*

Edited to add that I think my dad and stepmom are coming again tomorrow and I hope they bring my sister and nieces and nephew.

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