Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's That Time of Year

Time to shop!!!!!

Not for Christmas (although I need to do that too). I'm talking about District Meeting shopping.

Every year Bob's company gathers up all the new hires, interns, and higher ups in the company, along with their spouses and children and treats us to a couple nights of good fun, good food, and good friends. And don't forget all the swag (last year spouses got brand new New Balance shoes and the employees got iPod Nanos among other things).

We take over the hotel. No really, last year our party was in the lobby of the hotel. We had ice bars as far as the eye could see, we had a band, we took over every banquet room as well with HUGE candy tables, a couple sketch artists, every where you turned there was another bar (an OPEN bar at that). More food than we knew what to do with considering they fed us dinner before the party as well.

The spouses get to have fun while the employees are in meetings during the day as well. Last year we did team building (that was fun to watch us all falling all over each other and being silly) and then we did lunch with the Saucy Sisters.

So now that I fell off course talking about all the fun stuff from last year, let's get to the reason for my post. I need to start looking for District Meeting clothes.

Last year Bob was the center of attention because of all his weight loss. This year...this year is MY year. I want to look SMOKING!!! I want them to be like man that's Bob's wife. I wish I knew what the theme was this year so I knew if I needed anything special (like last year we needed jerseys of our favorite sports team, and the year before that we needed beach themed clothes).

What I do know is I'll need a dress, maybe two, but one for sure. Last year I wore a deep purple halter style about knee length with killer black heels. I am just not finding anything I want for this year. District Meeting is the second week in January so it's a little ways away, but with the holidays just around the corner I won't have much time to shop.

Lucky for us we don't have to buy Bob a new suit this year. Maybe a couple of shirts and some new ties, but that's about all he'll need. I on the other hand can't fit in my stuff from last year because it's all too big.

Any of my lovely readers have favorite places to shop for dresses? I'll need a cocktail dress and bonus points if you direct me to shoes that look good with the dress.

Remember I gotta look smoking! Bob should get on stage this year for a service award and when he stands up I want everyone to notice us. Not to mention I need to look good during the day time events too because I have a feeling I'll be talking about the new spouses group.

This year we'll be at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Dallas on January 12,13, and 14 I believe.

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