Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going Back

Talking to Bob we've decided that it will be best for the boys and I to move back to DFW. The plan is to move closer to my mom so she can watch the boys for me while I look for a job. I will probably start looking for a job during my next few trips back to town.

We'll be back the day after Thanksgiving, so while all you crazy people are out shopping Black Friday I'll be on the road. Hello no traffic!!!! Ha

I was starting to have anxiety attacks over being here. I was fine until I started on the road back to Abilene from Arlington this morning. About Ranger when I stopped to get a drink I started feeling bad. My throat swelled up and my chest got tight. I haven't eaten but a few bites of chili and some crackers and a muffin today. It was pretty bad there for a while. Thanks Lindsey for "listening" to me and understanding my feelings.

So the plan is go to DFW on the 10th for the KFS Quarterly Meeting (this is my spouses group), hang out with some friends on the 11th for my birthday (the big 27 woohoo) and then back to Abilene the night of the 11th. Back to DFW on the 15th to take Matt (mom's boyfriend) to the doctor, then back to Abilene. Leave Abilene the day after Thanksgiving. Bob flies out to Omaha on the 29th and I will take Matt to the doctor again.

I'll use my trip on the 10th/11th to look for a job, and it shouldn't be too hard with the Holidays coming up. I feel like a 2 ton weight has been lifted off my chest. I can breath and I might even try to eat again.

Now if only the Rangers would win I'd be good to go.
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