Monday, October 18, 2010

You're not welcome here...

Insomnia that is. It's 4:30 Monday morning and I can't sleep. This is getting old and fast. It's like as soon as I get up to 1. Make a bottle for Mason 2. Change a diaper 3. Take the dog out my body decides it's time to get up. My mind starts swirling of all the things I could get done RIGHT NOW! when the kids are sleeping.

I don't like washing dishes at 7 am Sunday morning, or blogging at 4:30 am Monday morning. I like to sleep.

So what woke me up this morning? A series of events really. My body is so in tune with Mason's schedule I now wake up 5-10 minutes before he does, I lay there in bed and wait for him to stir, get him up and change him (wish I was still cloth diapering so he wouldn't leak EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT, make him a bottle and put him back to bed (bad mama right here admitting I put my child to bed with a bottle), check on the dog (woot he doesn't need to go out), get back in bed and get all comfy, look up at the wall and there's a freaking bug (A.BIG.HUGE.UGLY.BUG) EWWWWWW, well so much for that plan, no way I'm sleeping anymore. My efforts to rid my room of said bug fell short so now I don't know where the bug is, but I'd rather find it when I am awake and can take care of it than to wake up with that thing crawling on me.

Makes me shiver just thinking about it. EWWWWWWWWWWW

I am so ready for a good night's sleep. Is it wrong I am counting down the days to after Thanksgiving so I can come home to an empty house (no kids and no husband for two nights)? I am so ready for that great sleep.

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