Saturday, October 16, 2010

A-Z about me

  • Accent: I don't think so, but I know when I lived in Illinois they hated the way I talked.
  • Booze: TEQUILA!!!!!
  • Chore I Hate: Dishes
  • Dogs/Cats: Dogs
  • Essential Electronics: Oh man, The Mac, The iPod, The Nikon.
  • Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Vera Wang-Princess
  • Gold/Silver: White gold baby, white gold
  • Hometown: Abilene, Texas
  • Insomnia: Sometimes I stay awake most of the night just thinking. Sometimes I wake up way too early (like today, hello 4:30 am on a Saturday)
  • Job Title: MOMMY
  • Kids: I have three stepchildren Michael is 22, Casey is 20, Lindsey is 11 and I have three children of my own, Kayla is 10, Patrick is 3, and Mason is 9 months
  • Living Arrangements: WAY TOO SMALL apartment
  • Most Admired Trait: My most admired trait? I guess my ability to tell it like it is
  • Number of Sexual Partners: WOW a little nosey there aren't we? Let's just say it is more than likely more than you've had
  • Overnight Hospital Stays: Three births and being there when Mason had RSV :(
  • Phobia: I am scared of bugs, things that fly, and believe it or not I get anxiety over calling people I don't know
  • Quote: "Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym" "You can't out train bad nutrition"
  • Religion: Touchy subject don't ya think?
  • Siblings: 5 half sisters, 2 half brothers, 2 brothers-in-law
  • Time I usually wake up: When my Skeebs decides he's ready to play
  • Unusual Talent: I can't say I have any unusual talent, but I get shit from remembering details about a story or event, so maybe that's my talent
  • Vegetable I refuse to eat: Lima beans.
  • Worst Habit: Swearing. I can't stop.
  • X-Rays: Dental, knee, ankle, facial
  • Yummy Foods I Make: Everything I make is yummy
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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