Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Writers Block

I know what I WANT to blog about, but I can't do that yet. Stranger things have happened so maybe one day I'll be able to blog openly about it. I guess since I have no ideas for good blog posts I'll just talk about a few things I'm looking forward to this week.

I hope today and tomorrow just fly by. I have plans Thursday. I'll be going back to the DFW area solo (the boys will be staying here for the night). I have to take a book back to Cindy, and pay a couple bills. Then Thursday night I have my first mommy's night out that doesn't include "K" spouses. Not that there's anything wrong with my fellow spouses, but I feel like I can let loose a little bit more when I'm not representing the company. KWIM?

After having some mommy fun I guess I'm going to stay with Bob (if Phil says it's cool). That way I don't have to drive back to Abilene so late (or drunk if it gets to that point lol).

Friday is the cross town rivalry here in Abilene (E E E A G L L L E S E A G L E S go EAGLES). Come on Eagles, let's Black Out Cooper!!!! Would be nice to be out at Shotwell watching the game, but I bet tickets are sold out already.

Bob will be back in town on Saturday and of course Sunday is Halloween. I can't wait to show you the boys' costumes. It's a secret (unless you're on facebook and saw the picture of Mason's costume that Monica made him). I always do creative homemade costumes every year, but I don't tell because I don't want anyone local to steal my idea in case we do the costume contest.

Kayla won the contest one year for her Macaroni and Cheese costume and Lindsey (my step-daughter) won one year for her Box of Popcorn costume.

Well the Mini Munch (that's Mason's new nickname according to Kayla) is up and Ty needs to go outside so I guess that's all she wrote for now.

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