Saturday, October 23, 2010

My last day in Lewisville

Tomorrow the boys and I move to Abilene. I don't even have anything packed and I really need to wash dishes. I am putting all that on hold this morning though so I can enjoy my last day in Lewisville. Bob is working and I have a play date this morning. This is one play date that I am going to miss when I go, but I'll come back every chance I have to get together.

It will take a couple trips to get all our crap. Wish I knew someone with a truck that didn't have a cover on the back that would help me move ;)

I hope Ty (our Dachshund/terrier mix),Sugar (their chihuahua/terrier mix), and Midnight (their cat) get along. At least Ty and Sugar are both fixed so we don't have to worry about any "terriershundhua" puppies.

In other news... hangovers SUCK!!!! and moving sucks even more.

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