Thursday, October 28, 2010

WOW that's crazy

That's my page views for the week. My blog has jumped on unique page views in only one day. I LOVE the attention. Just a little bit more and I'll be able to review better products, offer better giveaways to my readers, and watch my google page rank go up. I might not have a lot of followers, but I have a lot of page views and that's just as important to some companies. I hope all my new readers enjoy their time here and find what it is they are looking for. If you'd like to see something specific you can always reach me by email. I do requests

Don't forget we have Friday Randoms tomorrow, we'll have the boys in costume pics on Sunday, and Music Mondays. Starting next week I'll also be doing Tuesday Thoughts, Wordless Wednesday, and Thursday Thanks.

Edited to add: it makes me sad that you can't see that nice spike in my page views today because of my blog layout, but it sure is pretty.

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