Saturday, May 21, 2011


As of Friday morning I had lost another 4 pounds which puts me at 74 pounds lost since February 2010. 

Everyone asks what I'm doing and I have to honestly say that right now I'm not doing anything. I haven't taken a pill, or had surgery, or anything like that. When I first started out we were working out 5 days a week and were following a diet plan we worked up after reading Everything You Need To Know About Fat Loss by Chris Aceto. After we moved to Lewisville in June I actually had gained 20 pounds back. I've finally taken that off and I am at the lowest weight I've been at since I got pregnant with Kayla in 1999. 

I now shop in the Juniors section. I have amazing self confidence now that I didn't have before. It really makes dating easier too because I am so confident in my appearance. Someone asked me the other day "Wow you don't wear much makeup do you?" No I don't because I don't feel like I need to. I wear a little bit of mineral makeup and I wear some eye makeup but that's all. I have a great skin tone that I really don't need to cake the makeup on and I know that. 

Speaking of dating... it's a crazy place out there in dating world. So many guys are only looking for a friend with benefits and I'm just like no thanks. I have no desire to go that route. I've been on a couple dates and I'm getting to know some people. Eventually I will find the one I want to try a relationship with and we'll go from there. Right now... if nothing else I had a good time and I made some amazing friends. Most of them think the fact that I play RPGs and Xbox is the coolest thing ever. They realize I am not like most girls and they enjoy that.

Anyway... now that I am rambling all over the place... I am going to go to bed. 

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