Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's been a crazy week...

My dad was hospitalized because he got very ill with a stomach bug and they realized the kidney was closing up so they had to put a stent in there. He was transported from Breckenridge to Fort Worth while the boys were with them. My step-mom brought the boys back early so she could be with my dad. This was Sunday night.

Monday night Mason was throwing up. Tuesday Mason decided to make a good first impression on Chad (we'll talk more about him later) and threw up all over Central Market. By Wednesday Patrick was saying "my fat belly hurt mama" and Chad was throwing up. By Thursday night Margie and I felt sick to our stomachs and by Friday night Scott was sick too. It's a crazy super bug and with my dad, Chad, and Scott they had body pains, Margie and I didn't, but obviously Mason is too little to tell me if he's in pain.

Played a little Dark Heresy yesterday, it seems like we go forever in between sessions in that game. I wish we could play more often.

Lindsey came last night and she'll be here for a couple of weeks. I hope I'm off next Sunday so I can go see the other Lindsey for her baby shower.

Working 1:30- 6:30 today. I have the world's worst toothache, my face feels like it's swollen, and my throat hurts...

but in other news... Mason is 17 months old today!!!!!

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