Thursday, July 14, 2011

An End to a Kid Free Week

My babies will be home tomorrow. I can't wait. I miss them like crazy. Daniel and I enjoyed our kid free week though. Friday we played Putt Putt and ate at Red Robin. Saturday I played Dark Heresy with the guys (they weren't impressed with my Yankee's gear. LOL). I had to work Sunday night for new line. Daniel had to work all day Monday, but he took me to Red Lobster for dinner and then we got ice cream and walked around the Highlands and talked while we enjoyed our ice cream. On Tuesday we saw Horrible Bosses and I met his parents, sister and cousin. That was a fun night! I really like his family. We watched the MLB All-Star Game. Yesterday we went to lunch, did some shopping and...

I got my first tattoo!!!! YAY!!!

Tonight is the dart banquet and Daniel will get to meet my "Putter Family" lol. Oh speaking of darts...I am on the league for next season as a full time player instead of an alternate. That is going to be awesome.

I can't wait to have my babies back in my arms tomorrow. I've missed them so much and I think Daniel may miss them even more than I do haha. The quiet is nice, but we both agree it's nice for a night or two, but after that you really start to miss stepping over toys and being awaken by Mason talking to his teddy bear.

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