Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Randoms!!

  • I'm waiting on Bob to pick the boys up. Funny how we always have a set time and he never shows up at said time. I wonder if he's going to be 4 hours late this time too?!
  • Lindsey and Kayla are going home today too
  • That means Daniel and I will have a whole week to ourselves without kids!!!
  • We've got a lot planned
  • I'm supposed to meet the parents on Tuesday, I am beyond nervous
  • Supposed to play Dark Heresy tomorrow, but IDK if I will have a way to Josh's house
  • Working Sunday for New Line 6-9
  • I'm going to laugh so hard if I beat Daniel in Putt Putt...HAHAHA
  • Since Daniel has moved in my house has been so clean it's crazy...he's a keeper HAHAHAHA
  • I miss my Xbox and my Kindle :(
  • I guess that's all I have for now...

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