Sunday, July 17, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Since I lost my car I've noticed my stockpile is starting to look a little weak. I think this week I may tell Daniel to suck it up and do REAL grocery shopping with me instead of a trip to the store every other day. I think on Wednesday I'm going to finally make my coupon binder.

The hard thing about this is going to be the fact that Daniel is the world's pickiest eater. He says he'll try to get used to eating the things we do instead of having all three of us change the way we eat. Just wait until I get out of my weight loss funk and start eating as healthy as I used to. He's going to hate it. He even jokingly mentioned eating as his parent's house every night.

I can't wait until we get a bigger place so I have more room for my stockpile. Right now it's in a little corner in my kitchen. It looks quite pathetic.

As soon as I get my stockpile back up I'll be sure to share some pictures with my readers.

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