Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Madness

It's been awhile since I posted a Monday Madness blog. I haven't had much going on really. This week seems to be a little busier though.

Today was an easy day. We hung out at home with the kids, played Phase 10 and Daniel and I played some "hockey" (which is really me throwing the practice ball and him hitting it back to me). Kayla is in town right now because Nana is in the hospital.

Tomorrow morning we're car shopping, then gym, then ice skating (hockey drills for Daniel), then maybe dinner at his parents (it'll be the first time they meet the kids).

Wednesday Lindsey will be here and we'll probably go swimming while Daniel works.

Thursday night is the first dart game of the season. We play Red's at The Putter.

Friday I'm going to see if we can maybe get a sitter for the boys and then send the girls to a movie so Daniel and I can have a date night.

Saturday should be Dark Heresy day as long as Daniel doesn't have to work so he can watch the kiddies.

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