Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm in love

Since moving last month, we've struggled with the decision of joining a new gym or not. Our membership to Gold's Gym ran out in June, but we get two free months. The closest corporate Gold's is like 3o minutes away if there is no traffic. Bob works 14 hours a day Monday-Friday so it's kind of a PITA to try to get over to Gold's in time for the boys to get in the childcare and still manage to get in a full hour work out.

We decided we would just not go to the gym and we were strong enough to manage our weight loss with eating healthy. Abs are made in the kitchen, you can't out train bad nutrition and all that jazz. Well we were wrong because if you don't have the motivation of working out you often find yourself reaching for that beer or bottle of tequila. You tend to opt for the pizza instead of the whole wheat sandwich. You "forget" the vitamins and supplements and you don't drink a protein shake every night anymore. Bob gained a few lbs on the scale, I on the other hand didn't see the scale move, but I know I lost muscle mass and gained some fat because my jeans wouldn't pull over my hips.

So finally after getting tired of the direction things were headed we opted to go check out LifeTime Fitness. OMG I swear this is the nicest, cleanest, largest gym I've ever seen in my life. The staff is professional and polite. They welcomed the boys and he even shook Patrick's hand and addressed them by name. They have two huge pools, nice locker rooms and even a family changing room with private rooms inside it so the kids can have their parents help changing for the pool. The weight training area is spectacular and the cardio area is HUGE. They offer classes and have a full salon/spa and a little cafe inside and a pool side bistro. It is so nice.

The plan is to start back in the gym next week. I can't wait!!! I long for a good work out. I ache to move some iron. My body is begging for D.O.M.S. I NEED to sweat.

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