Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mommy's night out

Last night I had a spouses event for Bob's company so I left Patrick and Mason home with daddy and I enjoyed my night off.

We went to La Hacienda Ranch and ate yummy Mexican food and drank amazing margaritas. We got free gifts (always at "K" events). I got to catch up with other spouses I hadn't seen since District Meeting in December and meet for the first time the spouses I talk to on Facebook.

I took over roll as Chapter Secretary, and can't wait to get started with that. I am super organized so this is right up my alley. Bob's always saying I need a list of the lists I need to make. Yeah he thinks he's funny. ;)

When I got home the dishes were done, the kids (and husband) were fed, and both boys were in bed. Patrick wasn't sleeping of course, he wanted to say good night to mommy. I have an amazing husband whom I love very much. Next time I am making the hubby drop me off and pick me up so I don't have to drive.

It appears you can vote once a day so even if you voted yesterday please vote again. Mason appreciates it and so does his mommy. Thank you!

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