Friday, August 6, 2010

What's New in the Tankersley Family?

Let's start with Bob (he is the oldest after all). Not to mention it's the easiest update to give. He works, plain and simple. 12+hour days 5 days a week plus whatever time he puts in on Saturday.

Me? I'm still above my lowest weight. I was 202 when I moved to Lewisville, as of this morning I am 207. One day I will see a number that doesn't start with 2, but until then I just keep trying. Which brings me to my next bit of news. We cancelled the gym membership...for now. Why? Because we welcomed a new "member" into the Tankersley family...

Isn't she pretty?
You thought I was going to say I'm pregnant didn't you? Haha I fooled you.
Once we get used to the cost of owning a new vehicle we'll join a gym again. It won't be Lifetime Fitness because that won't fit into the budget anymore, but we'll pick a nice gym with a good daycare. For those wondering it's a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. We got it a week ago tomorrow and some moron already dinged it with their door. I was LIVID!!!! I think I may have even cried a little. haha

Now Patrick, he'll be three in a month and 5 days. I have ZERO plans set for the party because we don't have enough room for party guests and all the local party locations want way too much money for the amount of people we're inviting. I finally found a place I REALLY want to have it and I am willing to sell my left kidney (okay not really) to make sure we can get this place. They book solid through out the year and it just so happens they have an opening on the date we want, but I have to get the go ahead from the hubby. No hints though, you'll have to wait for pictures.

Mason is growing up way too fast. He's already 7 months old. He has a doctors appointment on Tuesday so I'll share stats after that. He's behind on his shots because of the move. Finally found a pediatrician and finally got in to see her. I hope we like her. He's still not sleeping through the night and he eats like crazy. I'm worried he will have weight issues later in life, but I refuse to deny him food if he is truly hungry. I plan on talking to the doctor about all of this.

Well that's what's new with us. Thanks for reading and I hope to have some new pictures to share with you all soon.

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