Friday, August 20, 2010

Tax Free Weekend

Texas tax free weekend starts today. I am absolutely DREADING my trip to the store today. I need one thing...DIAPERS. Why on Earth didn't I buy them yesterday? Because I forgot it was Tax Free Weekend. I suppose at least diapers are tax free as well so I can save my little 8.25% on two packages of diapers. I feel like I should buy a new outfit to make it worth the hassle. I wonder if Bob will go for that? I can hear that conversation now. I suppose I could buy the boys new shoes or an outfit or two.

Speaking of the boys...

Did you vote for Mason today? Just click on the widget in the top right corner of the blog and sign up on the site. You can choose to not get notifications from the site. It is our local newspaper hosting the contest. After you sign up the easiest way to vote is stay logged in but leave the site and click on the widget from here again because it will take you right to his photo instead of making you search through all the photos to find his.

Also remember the auction to benefit Mason's Page on Facebook starts on Sunday. Mason, or Skeeber for those that don't know my boys needs to wear a DOC band for plagiocephaly. Insurance has denied our claim due to a specific exclusion. Our amazing friends started Mason's page to help us raise the funds to pay for Mason's treatments.

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