Saturday, April 16, 2011


My dad and stepmom picked the boys up on Thursday. They are keeping them until Monday. I'm so lost without them here.

I've tried to keep busy, but I have down time tonight and it kind of sucks. I'm just sitting here on the couch playing Xbox, blogging, facebooking, yahoo messengering, bored out of my mind. Thursday night I played darts for the other Putter team. We got our butts handed to us, but it's okay because I won one game for us. After darts I did karaoke with Donna. Friday I went to lunch, did some shopping, saw Sucker Punch finally, and went to dinner. It was a great day!!!!!! Of course today was our RPG day, and sadly my character died, but I was able to bring her back to life haha. Thanks for killing me... :P

Now I'm just sitting here. I guess I could get off my butt and go work out... but I probably won't. And I'll sit here tomorrow until tomorrow night and then it's a Game of Thrones watching party at my friend's house. I'm excited to start watching that show!

Anyway, this was a rambling post, but it's been a minute since I posted so I figured I oughta throw something out there.

Have a good weekend~~~

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