Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mason's 15 month check up

He weighs 22 lbs which puts him at 10th-15th percentile. I know right??? WOW Mason is skinny, who would have thought that.

He's 31 inches which puts him at 50th percentile. Perfect little man!

And is head circumference was 19 1/4 which puts his head in the 90th percentile (just like his big brother).

He's advanced in his motor skills which is AMAZING considering how far behind he was with his head problems.

Speaking of head problems, his new doctor said that yes his head is still a little flat in the back, but the sides are not bulging and his facial features have evened out. His soft spot is only a finger tip open so he has about a month left before his head will stay the shape it it.

And for all my haters out there who like to pop in from time to time...he's still the most gorgeous little boy ever and HE'S ADVANCED IN HIS MOTOR SKILLS!!! He's doing stuff they don't ask them to demonstrate until they're two. He's saying words that they don't ask them to say until they're three. So, his head is still a little flat... and????

Moving on...
He got three shots yesterday and they're re-doing his 1 year lab work since it's a new doctor. Oh and the best news we got at his appointment???

NO WHEEZING!!!! My baby made it through a big weather change without getting sick!!!!!

I love my babies!!!!

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