Monday, April 4, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I am so tired, and it's nobody's fault but my own. 2 hours of sleep just isn't enough after making an overnight trip to Abilene then working newline. 
  • I can't wait until lunch time :)
  • I'm going to Arkansas the first weekend in June for Lindsey's baby shower!!!!! I can't wait!
  • Working tonight 6:30-9:30
  • The entire newline this time is super cute!!! I want to go shopping!
  • I really need to wash my car, oh and I NEED an oil change
  • I also need to go to the courthouse ASAP!!!!
  • IMYLM...
  • ...ILYLC!!!
  • Did I mention I was tired? I fell asleep playing Xbox
  • I wish Patrick would go to bed so I could as well
  • I guess this is going to be a short post because I don't have anything else on my mind haha!

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