Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Date That Almost Wasn't

So D didn't show up for our date. I wasn't going to call or text, I figured if he wanted to see me then he needed to be the one that spoke up. I did end up texting him though and he had fallen asleep after work. I mean, the man DOES work two jobs. I knew he was tired because I could hear it in his voice when he called me earlier. He felt so bad for leaving me hanging.

We decided he'd come over for a little bit anyway after the boys went to bed. Patrick was actually still awake when he got here though. But they had a good time playing and Patrick said "I like-a you friend mama". He brought dinner over too which was awesome because I was starving. Granted it wasn't the torta that we were supposed to grab tonight, but it was still good.

We chilled on the couch, played with Patrick, watched TV and messed around on the computer. He wants to buy me a new phone because mine sucks beyond belief.

What started out as a bad night ended on a good note. :) I'm sure we'll see each other again.

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