Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Madness

Working today??? Ummm I think so, but I can't remember haha. I better call them first thing to check. If I'm not working then Mason needs to get get some blood work done. I also really need to get my butt to the gym. I've procrastinated long enough and my coccyx finally feels better. Grocery shopping today too!!!

Tuesday... I'm working the afternoon shift. Hopefully I can get to the gym again too. Probably meeting a new part-time sitter.

Wednesday... Working 6:30-9:30 that's about it... maybe I can find someone who wants to join me for lunch ;)

Thursday... darts maybe if Debbie's daughter wants to watch the boys. No work

Friday... I am picking up Lindsey, yes that's right... even though Bob and I are not together anymore I am still opening my home up to his daughter. Because I will always think of her as a daughter.

Saturday is D&D (well now it's DH time) day. Saturday night is supposed to be girls' night out at Sideline with the dart ladies.

Sunday... the only thing exciting happening on Sunday is Game of Thrones starts on HBO!!!!!!!

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