Monday, February 21, 2011

14 Hours...

Many things can happen in 14 hours. Today was a whirlwind of emotions during said 14 hours.

Let's start with Sunday night. I get home from work and mom suggests calling the doctor first thing Monday morning because Mason is wheezing worse than he had been. I told her I would call as soon as they opened to make an appointment.

9:30 Monday morning I call the pediatrician. Now mind you our pediatrician is in Highland Village and we live in Grand Prairie. That's a good 45 minutes to an hour+ drive depending on traffic, construction, etc.

We make an appointment for 10:30. The boys and I get dressed real quick and load up so we can make it in time. They get us right back. Mason weighs 20 lbs, his temp is 98.8, his pulse ox is 95. The PA comes in, asks a few questions, checks him out, tells me his wheezing is pretty bad. She orders a breathing treatment and after his treatment his pulse ox falls to 91. The nurse informs me that it has to be steady at 96 or higher before he can be released to go home. His wheezing isn't any better so the PA has the doctor come check it out.

They put him on oxygen and at one point his pulse ox was only a 94 on a level 7 of oxygen (not sure how they measure oxygen, but it was 7 *whatever the measurement is*, then he coughed and broke something loose because he raised his pulse ox up enough to where he could be a on room air only for a good 15 minutes, then it fell pretty hard and they couldn't get it up from the 80s on a level 7. The doctor said he has pneumonia and that I needed to prepare for a hospital stay.

They called for an ambulance and something like 2+ hours later they finally show up. They transport Mason to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. I took Patrick home and my mom and I met the ambulance at the hospital while Matt stayed with Patrick.

We had to wait 3 hours before we even saw a doctor, it was crazy busy tonight. Once the doctor finally came in she said (and I quote) "Yup, he's wheezing, we'll do a breathing treatment". Finally after three more breathing treatments the doctor was satisfied enough to let him go home.

He was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease because they won't say asthma until he's 2. He's on meds once a day for four days, and breathing treatments for as long as he needs them. We have to follow up with our doctor in about 48 hours.

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