Saturday, February 12, 2011


Between the weather and my managers inability to assign all team members the same amount of hours I haven't worked very much in the past three weeks or so. I worked 3 hours last week and 3 hours this week. That means my check Friday is going to be a whole 6 hours. *sigh*

I get in there last night and notice we have a new sale going on, I ask the assistant about it stating that I haven't worked in over a week and she replies with "Well I haven't been here since Monday, figure it out". Thanks!

Oh well what can ya do? I figured out the promotion and did all the work, as always, while she stood at the register by the heater because she was cold.

We did manage to get out of there by 9:09 though because she's the opening manager today and she told me not to clean the store, so I didn't. I guess she's going to do it herself when she gets there... yeah right, the manager is on vacation, the store will still be a mess when I go in on Wednesday. Oh yeah, a whole three hours next week too.

I NEED a new job and SOON!!!!

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