Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monday Madness

Tonight was New Line. I didn't work Kid Girl with Joy after all. I was given the entire Newborn section to do by myself. I was, once again, finished first. I then helped Joy and Emily. So if you walk into the Gymboree at the Parks Mall the first thing you see will be my work (the table) and the entire back of the store is my work too. All this after spending the day grocery shopping and a trip to the gym.

Monday I am off. I'm sure I'll hit the gym at some point in time. I also need to make a doctor's appointment for Mason. He's still very wheezy.

Tuesday I'm going to meet with a potential new sitter for the boys for when I play D&D. I work Tuesday night. Maybe some gym time if I can fit it in.

Wednesday I am off, and we're meeting Cindy and Phoebe for lunch in Lewisville.

Thursday I am off as well and I'll be in the gym at some point in time today.

Friday Bob will be home and I work that night.

I also work Saturday night. This will be the last Saturday I work. I request off on the Saturdays we play D&D and the Saturdays we don't play Bob is home so I just told the manager I needed Saturdays off from now on. She didn't mind at all.

Now I'm off to read until I fall asleep.

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